Best Apps That Pay You Money (2019 updated)

Money (Say it fast 5 times) in today’s technologically advanced world is not a thing that you have to till the grounds for anymore. We’ve got bitcoin disrupting everything finance, videogames score turning to real cash, people paying you to spend the night in your home and so many apps that pay you money for well,

doing what you love doing online.

There has being a huge surge from the introduction of the internet to top social media mobile apps taking over our lives,

interactions, jobs, and even pleasures. – best money making apps 2019

What we rarely see from these top apps is that they are making enough cash from us but don’t give back while we spend our cash on data and being online.

apps that pay you real money

While this is understandable,

it is not something to fight or argue for when you know well enough

that you could be running down a mill while you have an app that pay you money installed on your phone,

checking your distance and instantly transferring cash into your account balance- Sounds beautiful Huhn?

Well, they’ve not made that app yet.

But, here are 5 amazing Apps that pay you money for not doing exercise obviously but doing mini actions – Money Apps

that you would never have thought could bring such cash flow with enough determination. 

  • Name: Rakuten Rewards (Formerly known as Ebates)
Rakuten Rewards - Apps That Pay You Money

My research on this made me come across the saying “Use money to buy money”?

Ever just had that sudden urge to pick up your phone and just book a hotel room or just buy something you’ve always craved online? 

It’s okay, we all get the craving but,

what if you are getting paid to use your money to buy stuff online?

How about getting paid to do the online grocery?

Here are wonderful apps that pay you money by just flexing some fingers.

Rakuten Rewards – Apps That Pay You Fast

is is a cash-back and shopping rewards company headquartered in San Mateo California.

Rakuten Rewards pays its users/Members through revenue gained from affiliate network links.

Members of the site click through affiliate links either through the app or the company’s website before being redirected to the retailer’s site.

Owner: Rakuten, inc

Once the member makes a purchase,

Rakuten Rewards receives an affiliate commission from the retailer which is then shared with the member.

The company publishes links both on its website and through a browser extension as well as a mobile app.

Commission rates vary when comparing Rakuten Rewards to other cash-back sites.

Mode of payment: Checks, Amazon gift cards, Rakuten cash, local bank transfer & Paypal
Mobile AppFree application for Android and iOS allows users to shop and earn cashback on mobile devices
HotelsUsers can book hotels to earn cashback. All hotels on this section of the site are eligible for 10% cashback
Cash Back ButtonThe browser extension for Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Alerts users to cash-back possibilities on store sites and highlights offer in Google and Bing search results
MarketplaceFormerly located at, the marketplace is an e-commerce site where users can buy goods from third-party sellers
In-Store Cash BackUsers can earn cash back in stores by adding a credit or debit card to their accounts and using that card to pay in stores
  • Name: Swag Bucks – Apps That Pay You

Got swag? If yes, then earn some bucks with it.

Swagbucks is everyone’s favorite paid survey sites for survey takers to make money for giving their genuine opinion online.

Never has it been this easy for apps that pay you money that over 20million people have joined the craze.

Swagbucks is uniquely different from just any survey site.

Swag Bucks - Apps That Pay You Money

highest paying apps 2019

It provides access to tens of thousands of paid survey-taking opportunities with new surveys added every day and every hour.

With every online survey, you take in the ease of your comfort zone,

you are significantly making an impact by affecting key decisions from major companies and organizations all over the world –

Owner: Prodege LLC

Companies, brands, and organizations from around the globe are constantly seeking the opinions of people just like you to help shape new products they develop and how they market them.

Apart from the fact that more survey opportunities mean more chances to make your opinion count,

it also means more earning potential for you! Unlike most other online survey sites that put your stress and waiting on the line,

Swagbucks will even give you a bonus when you don’t qualify for a survey, meaning you never miss out on getting paid.

Mode of payment: Gift cards, Paypal & Cash

There is no cap on the payout threshold – Keep answering and keep earning.

Free gift cards could be earned for your time or you could use your rewards towards sweepstakes for even bigger prizes. Cash-out with your PayPal account or Visa gift card

PS: There’s no need to share your credit card information to start taking surveys and to start using the pp that pay you money.

  • Name: Survey Club

Yeah, I know the last one was surveyed and while there might be side resemblance, taking a closer look at SurveyClub as apps that pay you money might actually give you a change of mind.

Survey club gives companies the unique opportunity to access its panelists by posting studies directly on its website,

let’s say if a company needs help recruiting consumers for an online survey, private panel, focus group, clinical trial, in-home usage test, online bulletin board, taste test, or mystery shopping study,

they post the details directly on Survey club page –

Which makes thing s easier for people taking the survey, there shall be clarity and transparency – The money gets paid directly.

Owner: Survey club inc

Survey Club has a minimum cash-out amount of $20, which is on par with a lot of similar sites and apps that pay you money.

It shouldn’t take you too long to reach that amount, especially if you check daily for new survey opportunities.

The only catch is that your $20 can only come from Survey Club surveys. Those from other panels will count toward your rewards at those panels.

Once you have $20 in your account, you can cash out with Amazon, PayPal, or a check. There are no pay dates to worry about or waiting periods.

Just cash out from the apps that pay you money when you have enough in your account!

You should expect to wait between three and four weeks to receive your payment, regardless of the method you choose.

apps that pay you through paypal

The best way for you to maximize your Survey Club earnings is to respond quickly to survey invitations that are created by Survey Club.

Completing surveys from other panels can increase your earnings at those panels, but you won’t make money with Survey Club by doing so.

So, try to complete as many Survey Club surveys as possible.

You can also refer friends for extra cash, so I suggest taking part in the referral program. You get $1 credited to your account every time someone signs up with your link.

Mode of payment: Amazon, PayPal, or a check

If you have a good number of followers on social media, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to earn money this way!

To sign up for Survey Club, download the app “

After that, you’ll receive a link in your email to confirm your membership and you can start to fill out more in-depth information about yourself to help you get matched with surveys and studies.

Once you’re a member of the apps that pay you money, you’ll have access to a dashboard that lists all current surveys.

You’ll be able to see the estimated time to complete, type of study, and your potential earnings.

best apps to make money fast

Choose what ones you want to complete and start earning. If a survey is through another panel other than Survey Club, you’ll also see this noted on your dashboard in the list of surveys.

Name: Gigwalk 

Mode of payment: PayPal

Gigwalk is just one of the many app that pay you money out there that will allow you to earn money with your iPhone or Android easily.

If you sign up to be a Gigwalker and download the free app they offer, you’ll get the opportunity to do little odd jobs or “gigs” on the apps that pay you money.

These jobs might consist of taking pictures of different businesses, downloading and trying out different apps, and answering consumer research questions.

game apps that pay you real money

An example of something you might be asked to do is verify the hours a certain business is open,

which you could do by taking a picture of the hour’s sign on the door of that business and submitting the picture to Gigwalk.

Owner: Gigwalk inc.

Sometimes mapping companies also need information about roads, and you may get the chance to go out there and verify certain things for those companies.

You can only take on one gig at a time, and you have eight hours to finish the gigs you take or else the app that pay you money won’t pay a dime and you might be ranked low.

The more gigs you do, the more street cred you will build-up,

and this mean that you could get access to jobs that pay much more.

android apps that pay you money

Gigwalk app that pay you money varies depending on the job,

but their website states that on average gigs pay between $3 and $50. 

Payments arrive via Paypal within five days after job completion.

Anyone from the United States can use the app,

but keep in mind that, depending on your location, there may not be that many gigs to do.

It goes without saying that more “city-type” areas with more places of business,

particularly large chains are going to have more gigs available than rural areas.

Name: SlideJoy

And now, **Drum rolls** SlideJoy! The ultimate app that pay you money

This app is no 1 for it’s easy to use and fast payout system.

Slidejoy is a rewarding app which mainly focused on lock screen ad. 

Slidejoy rewards users to unlock their smartphone. This app place advertisements in the user’s lock screen,

every time the user tries to unlock his phone the app displays ads and the user gets rewarded for engaging with the ad through the installation of the app that pay you money.

There are more ways to earn from slide joy other than lock screen ads.

They have supersonic ads, nativex, fyber, trial pay, adscendmedia offer walls which provides more chance to earn money and peanut labs and cint surveys also helps to increase earning.

Maker: SlideJoy inc

Users, get paid in ‘Carats’ for hosting the ad on their lock screen.

These Carats can be converted to USD and paid to us via PayPal when the balance reaches $2. For reference 1000 Carats = $1.

Slidejoy Google Play store link can be found here.

You can also increase your earning potential by playing various games and taking surveys through the SlideJoy app that pay you money.

Mode of payment: PayPal, bitcoin.

This, however, is a complete waste of your precious time.

The extra earnings are not worth your valuable time – spend it elsewhere on more lucrative ventures.

Every user also receives a referral code that they can share with others.

This can be used to good effect to generate 100 extra Carats for every 500 Carats

the new user accumulates (for the first 3 months after registration).

You would need to continually refer people to Slidejoy to make this a powerful referral scheme go boom on these unique apps that pay you money.



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