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The IPad pro is one of the best tech ever invented the new iPad pro hardware is actually incredible, like it’s the most beautiful, powerful and the most impressive iPad yet, but thanks to IOS 12, it’s just an iPad and not anything closer to replacing my laptop use and it’s not likely going to be my main computer but it’s easily the best iPad ever.

So this iPad pro looks like what one of those renders of the past would imagine, the tablet look like before the iPad existed.

It’s crazy thin, 5.9 millimeters, completely flat and has a belzulois display and it somehow has huge impressive speakers and super powerful stat state insight, so right off the back there’s a 11inch or 12 inch version and there’s a space gray or silver, but I would say the smaller one is much more reasonable and that’s the one most people get, but I’m a big screen guy so that’s why I picked the 12inch iPad pro.

And I prefer space gray but that’s up to you, I like the fact that it has pretty sharp edges all the way around, it’s boxy and just like the previous it stands up on its own and it’s also light, the weight distribution is so even through out the whole slab that you can hold it with a finger in the middle of the apple logo.
So all of these mean, it’s really easy to hold, the edges are sharp and they can dig into your hands if you’re holding it for a long time with the head of your iPad but even that is rare.

The battery I thought would suffer for being so thin surprised me, the battery has an A plus battery life and the speakers on the other side, they have precision mode holes that I think look really good and again they’re loud, they’re far enough apart from stereo effect and they just somehow keep getting better.
The camera on the back is the same as the iPhone 10x and the camera bump is pretty big because the iPad is so thin, but it’s way over the corner, so my hands never really accidentally touch it or anything.

I guess if I was to pick something I don’t like about the design it would be the extra line on the design which I picked they’re not symmetrical and they’re not very even. Although it’s a little odd-looking but the Wi-Fi version has panel lines too but not as many but “hey” I’m never looking at the back.
It could be iPad anyway so it doesn’t really bother me, there’s no head place Jack of course but you already know the feeling, this is apple we’re talking about here.

So clearly I like the outside, the feel on the hands it’s awesome hardware and on the inside it gets even more impressive, first of all, there’s no fingerprints reader, no home call button, sine the dozes are so thin, but there’s this whole sweep of face ID sensors and it works in any orientation.

So it can be portrait landscape, upside down no matter what it works, which is very helpful due to the fact that the front of the IPad is so uniform making it easier to forget which way Is the top.

Sometimes you grab it and when you try to unlock it, your hands may be blocking the sensor which is so thin, but it just provide a little arrow to tell you you’re covering the sensor ten you unlock it and you’re in, The display is not just one of the best screens I’ve ever used.

It’s a 120Hz IPs SCE super accurate colours great viewing angles, ultra responsive and very bright when you need it. Truth telling if you want the anti reflecting coding it’s great so, the face ID is good, the display is about as good as it gets and then the spec, I know you’ve probably heard me say before about apple products, the numbers don’t really matter that much and that’s true, but let me give you this.

A12 bionics is absolutely incredible and that’s the fastest chip I’ve ever seen in a mobile device, if you see k bench, it has 4 Gigs of RAM, and for some reason the 1 terabytes iPad has 6G of RAM. But in general performance is just really good for multi tasking fly, productivity, photo editing, it’s all fast and fluid and it’s A+ performance just like the pro. But now here’s the headroom for days and it’s about being future proof and you’re very future proof here, even the accessory ecosystem is all upgraded, the new apple pencil is way better, obviously it can’t get much awkward than this was, it’s nota hyper bar corner but it is now great because it’s something with the side of the iPad with magnet and pairs that wirelessly charges there.

There’s a little cut out on the side of the metal that let’s the wireless charging work through, I think this is a new opportunity to call this the second generation apple pencil, also there’s also a new thinner foil case and new keyboard case as well, these are not things I use very much I have the foil on.

The only short coming we have about the apple it’s all about the price hikes, so everything we just talked about, the new pencil, the foil case are all more expensive than last year versions and again you can’t ignore that but you can argue that these all worked together than the previous versions that’s why people including myself keep buying them.
So what’s the holdup IOS 12 and it’s word to say because IOS 12 is great, but it’s the best version of the IOS, but on these hardware it leaves a lot to be desired,

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