If you’ve read my previous articles, you would know that the Google pixels buds cane with a lot of upsides, another major upside of the pixel buds is that it has an IPS 4 water resistant, so if you want to go workout In them, they’ll survive some sweat or some rain, if you go running outdoors so all that is good.

Now the next big question would be, how do they sound. Now a lot of people have had mixed opinions on them, but to keep it perfectly simple. They sound pretty great because I’m a fan of beat sounds and they have 12 millimetre that dive great details and volume and I’m even impressed with the separation of you just sat still and just listening which Is what I did for a while.

They’re was no weird issues or anything with the sound and they’re compactable with a great variety of stuffs, now I think the downside some people would have here is the base is lacking a little bit of punch and you know it’s a little bit lighter on the base, now think is for watching videos and phone calls and podcasts but a lot of people are used to minor base in their music you know like if you come from like beats or something else with heavier base, so you might prefer a little bit of a different sound.

Those are typically where I’ll say go ahead and head into the 20 and bring some back but there’s no EQ built in the pixel buds app, do that’s definitely something to keep in mind if you know the type of sound you’re looking out.
But I think the main thing to keep in mind here as far as found I’d the three are the main not active noise cancellation headphones, they’re called passive noise isolation basically it just means the physical seal that it makes in your ear is just what you get and I guess that I don’t mind to much they they don’t have it bulky like it would be nice bit on one hand the noise cancellation I’ve heard from the 2 to 350 ear buds like ear pods pro, Sony WF100, XM3, you know this more expensive ones are really nice and they sound but the pixel buds do sound better undercut than quite a bit in price. So I can’t be too mad especially when they did everything else so well.

Now for the extra features there’s a light weight extra buds that you can install during the setup process down there, but first of all it lays out and let’s you learn all of the supply and tapping control on the bus or on both sides for media and they’re pretty easy to learn. If you swipe forward it backward for volume, one tap to play/pause, two taps to skip forwards, triple taps to go back and a long press to pull up. Google assistant.
I find this pretty intuitive but the only downside is the buds are so small that when I was first learning these headphones, I usually miss the ear buds like hit the back of it and almost knock it out of my ear when I’m trying to swipe but I’ve gotten used to that in no time. And let me tell you, having the Google assistant in your ear all the time is pretty sweet, all you have to do is just say the keyword and then suddenly you’re asking the question all the tome and that’s just something that feels like the future about putting the fringes up to your ear like an FBI agent and just asking it a random question and getting an answer in your ear, even though I just keep asking about the weather over and over again.
There’s also a feature called adaptive sound which is basically supposed to change the volume of your media automatically based on the loudness of the environment you’re in but I haven’t being in an environment loud enough to see of it really works well.

So I just had it off and I swiped to change the volume myself and the awesome case I talked about does a quick charge, like if you find the batteries are about to die and you have a little bit of a quick break, you can box then in the case for 10 minutes and you get 2 more hours of listening time out of it and that gives you a 24 hour total, with the bugs and the case back.

When it comes down to it, I really like the earbuds, i think they’re enough to turn me into the guy who wears ear buds everywhere I’ve never really being that person you see people walk around in earpods like a 100% of the time, I guess it something about the quarantine life being able to walk around the house with your ear buds in but your phone’s upstairs and you can still call the assistant and listen to the podcast, which is nice.

Now as a bonus, there’s no noticeable Bluetooth lag when watching videos or playing games or anything like that which is awesome and you constantly also know your battery life thanks to the App which may give you a lot of the answers but I find it helpful and it really just nails the fundamentals across the board, but the biggest downside, I think is no noise cancellation but people who have used previous noise cancellation ear buds before will know of you turn the volume up.

And bud enough you can’t really hear anything else around you .

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