The Huawei p30 pro Is the phone I’ve been using for weeks now, leading up to all the galaxy fold stuffs and might fold but I just kept using it.

The Huawei phone may be the phone you’ve never heard of or you’ve heard all about it but you might be wondering if the camera are worth the hype, I got to say the p30 pro is the best phone and of course that’s going to be hurting it’s popularity here but if you’re going to get one, which you can still do it, you should know all about the rest or it, although why people are into the phone is because of its camera and the rest of the phone is good too.

The easiest way to think about this phone is it’s an upgraded version design of the p20 pro, but with all the best features of the may 20 pro.

So aesthetically you can tell that Huawei definitely struck gold with the unique tripled colour granite look and I think that’s the number one seller of the p20 pro because now, all of them have this cool look.

Although there’s a red granite one, a white granite one, I’ve seen once with a friend and then there’s my favorite, a mixture of green to blue to purple aurora status thing, which actually reminds me of one of those classic windows wallpaper.

And the colour stands out, if you’re the type that into that phone look this is the phone for you, if not you can easily go full matte black, maybe you’re not the type that wants your phone to be low key then the matte black is good for you.

So Huawei like I’ve mentioned have sort of taken after Samsung a little bit with their aesthetic but they’ve also carved out some things that are their own, some of them for the better, some of them not so much.

But the triple colour thing is all Huawei, the sort of trapezoid shape on the top and bottom, they own that, the shape of the camera bump, they sort of own that too, I must say it’s pretty huge, I wobbles on the table to the point where it’s noticeable and this can bother some people.

The speaker at the bottom may be consistent with other phones, although it’s decently loud, it doesn’t sound great and it’s disappointing really easy to accidentally block with a single finger and there’s no earpiece to block that out.

Another thing to mention is the button situation which is interestingly, so first of all, the power why the volume rocker are on the same side even though I kind of wish they weren’t but Huawei keeps doing it.
I’d prefer the volume rocker to be on the other side which is jus4 blank. And on most phones RFD double tap on the power button is your camera shortcut, but on the Huawei double tap doesn’t do that it just sleeps and wakes really fast.

It’s actually when you press the down volume button that gets you into the camera unless you’re on the home screen, which in this case double pressing your volume down just lowers your volume.

So holding down your power button isn’t for shutting down instead it will get you to google assistant, so that started power button, as a long press it sort of doubles the voice assistant trigger and then powering volume down is still screen shot, powering volume up starts screen recording. But if you want to turn the phone off you have to hold your power button, don’t say anything to google assistant and then keep waiting for another 2-3 seconds to get the shut down menu that pops up, over the assistant.

So that’s a little bit of the demerit of the phone. However if you like a phone that does check a lot of boxes, this one dies it, because you’ve got your premium built quality, your IP 60 water resistant has expandable storage, high end specs it’s all there, but it also have the earpiece speaker but high in the glass, so the whole top third of the phone is the earpiece, it even tells you where to put up your ear to listen to it and it doesn’t buzz it all like LG’s did.

Although, It doesn’t double as a front facing speaker but I think some people would trade it for real speakers, if we didn’t just have such a mutable source of audio but hey that’s Huawei.
Also behind the glass is that fingerprint reader, it’s decent at first but I find it optical, it’s one of those first generation fingerprint readers that works as bad as anyone.

In the 14’60 although I found it to be faster than the ultra sonic one in the galaxy S10 but what I do like is that it’s smart about showing you where the reader is as soon as you pick up the phone, so you can quickly unlock it while the screen is off, and that is pretty good avou5 that.

But it still has to shine that annoying bright light so the onscreen fingerprint reader are still in the early stage of actually getting good, but anyway the display is a good one too, it’s very bright and very high resolution, looks great for videos and games even though it’s not the brightest, it’s definitely viewable outdoors

I might be starting to get over the sort of bleaching over the edge thing that they’ve done with this phone and Samsung done a little bit, it kind of turn on it, cause it gets a little bit extra glare on the side but it still looks really cool but it hasn’t been anywhere near from stopping me from using the phone and liking it.

I Just think that it should have been more flatter, I actually wouldn’t mind if I was flat and another shortcoming is that there’s no headphones Jack. So guys that’s my review on the Huawei p30 pro.

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