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A little while ago, I started a challenge with myself to use the iPad as my only portable computer so for the past two weeks that’s what I’ve been doing so this has been fascinating with the iPad, you know it’s not very often that a software update has such an huge effect on a relatively new piece of tech and you know sometimes they’ll boost the camera quality a little bit or it would smooth out some bugs or give a little performance boost here and then but the iPad OS since its come out in this public data from has really transformed the iPad pro in a bunch of ways.

Should I show you what happens in the first place, probably so originally I fight I would want to do this laptop replacement challenge with the bugger 13inch iPad pro.
Since it was closer to the size of the laptop that I was using nut when I installed that early iPad is I put it on my 11 inch IPad pro thinking I would just take it back off. But then I really liked it and I kind of felt it was way more portable and east to use type on and I got really into it.

So now this is my iPad pro of choice, it’s the 11 inch cellular iPad pro Soave gray, half a terabyte of storage and the iPad is is public beta.

So basically the premise behind all of this us your ability to use your iPad as your primary mobile computer, or it depend on of course exactly what doing on your computer when you’re mobile, so what do I need to do, so for the past couple of weeks we’ve been shooting some videos.

So I must say my computer needs were relatively single so the emails and the email people back download and sign attachment use social media, that’s pretty normal photo editing watching videos, publishing videos and listening to music and that’s about it when I actually came back for work. I use the laptops.

But anytime I’m home I resist the urge to use any desktop pro all the time, so of course it’s had it’s pros and cons, that’s what this videos is about and I’ve been taking notes as I went along so these are some if them.

The main one that dictates it all was because the whole reason I want to dictate this in the first place the iPad pro is just more fun to use and I said this in the full review article and it’s true. Especially the smaller one and the super likely to take it out of my bag and just use It when I can even in the back of an uber, just flipping through apps or reading emails or web browsing just the thinners, the metal of the form factor, the light balanced weight, the 120Hz display and it’s just fun by the way the iOS mail app has this profile switcher that just by swiping up or down on the profile picture.

So like I said its fun to use but the tough part about using an iPad all the time is, the organization for sure so all Carney with no case, no skin and for me, no keyboard folio or anything just the naked iPad pro.
And I felt like that’s partly because I was stubborn about cases about and I didn’t really think they’re ant good cases it keyboard. That I like using for the iPad but I just want to appreciate the impressive design for this thing, the rubber feeling case, just feels wrong.

Maybe it’s just me but of course the laptop has the obvious ergonomic advantage of, a hinge if it’s a good one.

So the keyboard at one angle and the screen at the other, now with the iPad the 3 main positions, that I found myself using the iPad were holding two hands.

Priority with one hand and poking it with the other or lying it flat on a table or in my lap so just for typing.

So luckily it’s just a weight, so holding it up is actually pretty easy to do for a long time, that was the most common with sometimes farting or just the lazy browsing or scrolling and then with the enailinhbit writing bunch for making videos or things like that.

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Anything that involves the keyboard for a longer period of time I’ll put it down on my Laps and on the table and type away.
This is easily the worst orgonomic position for the iPad and that’s when I missed the laptop the most because typing over a long period of time with iPad screen with both sizes, no matter how you do it.

It’s not anything quite like typing on a relatively keyboard air I’ve gotten used to it for brief past do that’s the downside.
I’ve had apple keyboard folio cases for the iPad for a while and you can sort if prop it up Lile a laptop with the magnet and then type on a silicon keyboard and there’s usually a lot of wobbling but I don’t know I’m just not a big fan of that so I always just take it off and leave it naked.

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And I prefer to type on glass and of course iPad is now has that pinches down smaller keyboard so you can swipe type on the side or drag that thing anywhere you want if things are in a pinch.
I’m also way more like to game on the iPad pro then on a MacBook pro, that’s just fact.

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