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The iPhone 10 is my favorite iPhone ever by far and it’s no doubt that in the history of iPhone, it’s iconic, it’s modern, it’s finally feels like a new iPhone that’s a big part of why I like it, so much but that’s also the source reviews a few source spots, there’s learning spot to it, just like any other smartphone you see any smartphone ever has just being home button recharge screen rounded corners, pretty much the same thing.

You know what you’re getting yourself into, you know exactly how to use it, but if you work that big one feature even year it takes few seconds to learn it and you’re good.
The iPhone 10 I’d differently with this phone, there’s maybe 3 or four big fundamentals changes to the way you use your phone, it’s still an iPhone you still mostly know how to use it but there’s s couple of things that are different that you’ll have to get used to.
So on the outside is the shape you’re used to, the rectangle rounded corners but this is the first time the displays itself actually have curved corners and it’s pushed right up to the edges of the phone or at least close then it’s ever been.

But the commercial make it seem a little bit more dramatic then it’s actually is but, now phones have smaller belzils, that’s just it pushes everything to the corners and keeps all the front facing sensors In the notch that forsaken notch at the top.

Although its not that big of a deal but but we’ll get into that now so just by holding the phone, now it feels great, you think it’s an awesome sizes but if they’re bugger phone 10+, I would totally give in, but right now on so it of the larger display the 10 is definitely closer to feeling like an iPhone 8 than an 8 plus, although it still feels like a smaller phone compared to the other I’ve used and also thanks to the Stainless Steel sides it’s definitely slippery and it’s definitely going to slide out of your pocket at least once.

And it’s funny that the silver is so shining and honestly we all know your phone is never going to look as good as it does freshly out of the box, unlike the matte finish of the previous iPhone, I’m not convinced this super shining finish on the iPhone reals is going to last as this, we’ve seen this on other products it’s definitely get chipped and scratch,
You probably already know I usually go for matte black skin here which I’m not going to lie look pretty good but the brands got something new for the iPhone 10 and the grip, so unlike the bane implies this thing is supposed to be the best way to grip your phone.
But overall it’s a pretty complete hardware package as you’d expect from a $1000 smartphone,

And you know the speakers even think they’re aren’t front faced, they’re still pretty goof, it’s water resistant which gives you some nice piece of mind, it has wireless charging and it’s no headphone Jack.

But overall it’s well considered and we’ll put together so it’s officially the most breakable iPhone ever thank to having glass on the back.
The one part of the hardware of this phone which I actually really don’tlikr is the camera bump but that’s not for the usual reason like rocking it on a table and I’ve just kind of accepted that at this point but because of the new orientation that a couple of times, I’ve noticed that it’s easier to accidentally get your finger on the photo or video you’re taking and it’s all in a corner.

It might take a couple of years to get used to that and stop getting your finger in the corner of your slot, but what’s really become a signature feature of the iPhone 10, is avoid the front and it is that notch at the top of the display and they’re two comps with this.

The first is that you may hate it and you wished it wasn’t there and the second Is I actually I don’t notice it anymore and just like with the essential iPhone I tend to fall more in comp no 2, when you when to make a 2017 phone and you want to shrink the belzils, you still have to put all the front facing sensors all of the cameras and the RE plaster and the door sensor, you have to put that somewhere and in 2017 some manufacturer have kept s traditional smaller Belzils to house it, some try to go no top belzil and put everything in the chin, some try to maximize the belzils and use a sort of a cut out notch, apple has decided to go with the notch and I don’t mind it.

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