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The iOS 13 is the latest software version of Android and to get a feel of how it looks like, I installed the IOS 13 on my beta phone, so you don’t have to stress yourself because here’s my take on the best features coming to the iOS for your future iPhone it maybe your current iPhone. So these are the top features of the new iOS 13.

the first is the speed optimization, this is a pretty minor thing, it seems sort of open with it for a minute and if you believe you might have missed it, but they made some pretty bold claims about iOS 13, speed ‘s the already fast iOS 12.

They went along the line of 30% faster face ID unlocking and 50% smaller downloads and 60% for smaller app updates, so there should be much faster downloads and installing of apps especially to the bigger ones, and 2 times faster launch speeds, now again this a beta so things are still being worked on, but I don’t know of it’s a placebo but the one thing I do feel about the faster face ID unlocking especially side b side against iOS 12, the two times faster app launching speeds that’s tough to see because the beta are so big and things are constantly crashing and lagging all the time, so I can’t verify that but I’m really looking forward to that.

Overall the iOS 12 is already faster than previous versions especially on older devices so I’d welcome another free speed upgrade.

The second is the shared wireless speed audio, this is like a headphone splutter but for airpods. So they showed it on stage as two people sort of holding their phones next to each other and they had audio sharing, so they can basically hear the same thing from one source.
So that left me going about going different ways that this might be useful and it can be fun for two people next to each other on a plane watching the same movie together but they’re both on wireless headphones or maybe going for a run with someone and both of you want to listen to the same music at the same time.

Or things like that, so it seems like that’s a pretty cool feature to have, now I said it seems because, I haven’t gotten it to work yet on my beta and I tried for a while apparently other people have gotten it to work for then I’m just going to attribute it to +e face that it’s just around stable but this is something that I’m going to be thankful for having when traveling. So it has s solid view audio feature that of course takes advantage of having Bluetooth 5.0.

The third feature Is the new keyboards and I can put new in quote because android has had this feature for maybe a decade now, but the star keyboard in iOS 13 has swipe typing and that’s it, so you could do that with third party keyboards like swipe or the garage keyboard if you install them on your iPhone, in the past buy now it will be built in so you can have all your keyboard suggestions and everything you’re used to in one place with swipe typing and I personally love it for typing longer sentences on bigger screens, although not sure if this is coming to iPad OS but it’s welcome on the iPhone.

So the first three are a bit of minor updates as you can tell but I think the next ones are pretty major. So the fourth one is the overhaul of what maybe one of the top three most used app on anyone’s iPhone and that’s the photos app.

So I got a pretty good demo of this in word but it’s also working pretty well on my beta too, basically the UK, is organized a bit different and that’s the bunch of new features that I like, so at the bottom, you have this couple of different modes, you have the photos mode which is literally just a grid if everything then the days mode which as you scroll through the best photos you’ve taken each day with a sort of smart highlights of certain ones you think would like and then months , which zooms a bit out and gives you the best photos of each month.

And years throwback giving you some of the best stuff in each year sort of a rewind of things that happen that time.
And when you’re actually in a photo the editing controls are usually pretty sweet, they’re much more extensive and smartly laud out and fluid, you can do audio adjustment if you want to really die down into it, which contrast and colours and noise reduction and then there’s also red eye correlation built in, and you can still mess with the same filters as before but the best part to me anyway is that it Aldo applies to videos, so you can mess with the same edit take colour, contrast, sharpness. Even noise reduction for video is still there which Is amazing and this also means you can now rotate a video which you literally couldn’t do in the IOS 12 photos app.

Along with flipping and tilting and whooping perspectives changes, for every single clip you cab even change the aspect ratio so there’s a lot going on and I’m a fan who I hope google photos can build this stuff in too.

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