Now considering that wireless headphones are becoming wireless buds that’s why the Google pixel buds are here, to the fact that most phones aren’t coming with headphone jacks again for Android.

Now you would think google would make the best ones and when they finally got rid of the headphones Jacks in the pixel, they did make the first pixel buds but they weren’t that good. I must say they were disparity, they had cables between them, they had missing features that weren’t a very high quality clear but they evolved so far up that they are now in my top 3 favorite wireless earbuds, now I’m going to discuss what they did so much better and why.
The best part of these is that they are $1.79, The google pixel buds have a 5 hour battery life and they don’t have noise cancellation, so actually oh the surface what looks like those specs they’re bit that impressive at all like they have pretty average battery life and no noise cancellation like some of the other premium buds.

So why and what makes them so good, my opinion is that honestly it’s just that they washed all of your fundamentals really well and that’s why it now becomes rock solid to use, so you can even start off with the case, because the case are so nicely designed and has a soft touch matte finish.
Preferably I love the white ones, it also has a black and white contrast like a pixel basically and it also has matching lights, one on the inside and another on the outside, and the buds just go right in and they snap satisfying into place with the magnet pretty easily and they’re strong magnets and so they’re easy to get out but once you snap then in they’re not going anywhere.

The google pixel buds also has a satisfying snap slot coupled with the hinge, most of them have this but not all of then do, this is because the old fabric ones didn’t have them, so I love this one. What attracted me again was the fact that it just so portable, like a pebble case, it’s pocket able and it’s almost like the sane size and height as the airpods pro case and it’s just as then. But on the spectrum on the different sizes for the wireless buds, they’re really nice and that would increase the frequency of how often you want to carry them around and use them.

Basically they can fit in a tiny pocket side but now on top of all of that it has a USB type C port on the bottom for wired charging and it also has wireless charging, so you can drop them on a wireless charger where the coils range up like the flat one. But it’s ironically not the pixel fans by google, you can also put it on the back of any phone that supports reverse wireless charging.
Now a distinguishing factor about the Google pixel buds is that right there and in its new case is a wireless component bufer than many other products, now some of you may say so many tines, the case is too big or it’s but a high quality build, but the Google pixel bud is a Nice case that has a wireless charging, USB type C, all of these together that’s not bad.

Now talking about the buds, it’s also white but if you want to go for a little low key there’s always a black version and some other colors coming soon, but there’s also very snatch to the port where the super low profile in my ear is a nice selling point, they don’t stick out very much, it basically just looks like a little disk in your ear and they can stay in your ear really well, thanks to a sort of min way to things that are personally attached to the buds.

Now they’re part of the actual ear buds on your eat that jabs the way I like in the pest, but this time they’re much more adjustable and you know it might be easier as a difference so there’s sort of hard to say if it’s a work for everyone, but they’re a great fit for me and the selling placement you just have to twist then into your ears and they lock into your ears and they’re not going anywhere.
And comfort is also very good, I’m using the medium dude rubber tips that cane with then and they work great but the longest that I’ve usually had headphones in a row maybe 3 or 4 hours tops.

And that’s about as long as I would wear the Google pixel buds, alright it varies in some people, who prefer to keep their headphones in like all day to work in a coffee shop and I think that’s just it for that.

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