Today we’re going to look at a phone that maybe under the radar because of how many phones they’ve come out with lately but this one should be, and it’s the Oppo find x2 pro, and so I’ve got the phone for about a week now and I’ve being very impressed with it because the phone has 2 big advantages that’s focusing on that are one using at the Galaxy S20 ultra.

So the design is pretty classic for a big smartphone and a big modern phone in 2020, the big shiny glass and ceramic sandwich, huge display with thin bezels, the main speaker and a USB type C at the bottom, no headphone Jack and then there’s also the shrugged edges, the internal bends around the outside, the whole bunch display on top of the corner, so it’s looking pretty familiar but it does have something like a micro text in the glass and it’s bodily edges on there and you can feel it doesn’t make it less slippery but you can’t feel the difference versus the smooth glass and you can kind of see it, if you hold the phone angle and it hits the lights, it will look like bridges of a fingerprint.

Now in terms of specs inside, snap dragon E65, check 12G of RAM and half a tech of US, 3-0 storage the battery is 4260 man, so a solid size but not the biggest and you have the optical fingerprint reader underneath the display glass that seem to work about as many as I’ve seen from the oneplus and they to be honest, I’ve never being a huge fan of oppo’s software, but this newest version of colour Is to 15 being one of the most interesting and newest part of the phone to me.
It’s cleared up a lot and more proud of how clean it is, it’s more customizable to be setup the way you like and they’ve included a couple of more things like stock google apps and the stick google keyboard Is the default, and some of those still appear along side the Google version of the app store but you can disable one or the other or just stuck with the Google version which is what I’m going to do.

There’s also a multi user mode, which is something I’ve wanted In more phones and especially tablets over the years that is smart and there’s a dark mode as well and then there’s also the side for that you can keep a bunch of shortcuts in kind of like what we’ve seen on Samsung phones, by default the screen recording and then you can also pin apps in the Ram and this is useful for people with bugger apps or games that you play all the time that you don’t want to stop running you just want to keep them loafed in the RAM.

That’s the advantage of having 12G RAM, so that’s a lot of good stuff already but the main two focus with this phone are: the display and the cameras.
I’m going to start with the screen which is a 6.7 inch 144p was HD, 120HZ emo LED display and yes it’s all of those things at the same time.

if you were like me who was wondering why the S70 ultra didn’t have that or was it the snap dragon E65, No the phone had a snap dragon E65 and it enables that as its baitful with the independent selections for the refresh rate and the resolution. Now to be fair a 120hz at 1080p as we’ve seen looks pretty much fine and you can turn on actual auto selection and it will toggle it down for you based on saving Battery based on what you might want to do.
Maybe if it was a 5,000 or 6000 Man batteries, I would have loved it but 4260 isn’t exactly maxing that out.

There’s also the colour calibration and a bunch of different modes that let you customize things like colour templates on a slide or you can fun on nature for display, which is basically true tone , it changes the colour temperature based on the ambient light around you, the only thing I really didn’t like was that it still has that curves edges as you can see and they are quite curved like Samsung done in the past to the point where you can see some of the content bleeding over the sides very dramatically that tends to get you more accentuatal presence as we know but this phone still wants to keep it near belzils look, so yeah the display is a bit point on the phone and if other is the camera which has the ultra vision camera system on the back and that is a big camera bump which has 50 round the back you’re looking at a 48mp camera a 48mp ultra wide and a 13mp and the camera bump is pretty gigantic but the disabled bump on the back being all the way all over to one side means it will for sure rock on a table in that case. But they can get out of these camera works justly it and literature on this phone or any phone.

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