So a little while ago, I gave a review on the Mac pro wheels, but now I’m going to be writing about what the wheels are used for and that’s the 2020 Cheese grater Mac pro. Now there’s a lot of things I can say about this from months that I’ve being using it but mainly they boil down to 3 maim things.

It’s extremely well made to the point it’s almost over engineered
It’s modulator
It’s really fast

Now my typical review articles for any piece of tech that’s really goof ends with you should buy it, but this mac book pro, even though its quite good, it’s more along the lines of you probably shouldn’t boy it because most people would never really need this, but I’m really glad they made it.
So of course, is the newest and highest mac has ever made, and the mac once that you pay for almost makes it the most expensive mac every made and everyone had their headlines with that but the fact they it’s most modular tower computer Apple’s made in hears and that something people like me were waiting very patiently for a very long time.

So everything about the design of the mac pro and I mean everything from the inside out is really well for to the point of over engineered like its unnecessary.

It’s the most over engineered stop tower I’ve ever seen and most of these over engineering is in the name of aesthetics and noise, so you might have noticed how apple has showed the world in terms of aesthetics and noise when they tried to make the last Mac pro.

A tiny cylinder on your desk cooled entirely by one big fan at the top but that didn’t go so well, so they were back to making the tower modular, fact that we’ve being waiting for , and that did not stop them from making possible the cleanest, quietest desktop computer possible, like the cheese grater design with the homes up front and the mesh piece, it’s wired looking at the point that it’s unmistakable like some apple products this year, but it’s also on air float design as much as anything you see the entire mac pro when you take the shell off and look inside, it’s designed to be passively air-cooled and there isn’t much of fans on the internal components there’s no liquid Crosby, there’s just 3 blowers at the front.

One here at the rear end and a bunch of heat pipes on everything, so the entire chastity is designed to pass as much air flow form the system as possible to cool everything but air flow is not quite and even fans like this are typically quiet by themselves and if you have all fans like this spinning at the same rate they sort of amplify each other.

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Now a lot Of PC do this and this is fine but apple decides to make this computer quieter by spinning each of the fans at a slightly different rate so that they wouldn’t all Match but even when you do that, you sometimes end up with harmonies that sort of amplify some of the sounds and make it audible. So Apple’s fan controller really modulate the speed of each of these fans and wraps them up and down do that they never march and are never study so that you never hear it.
Another thing you might notice when the system. Is open is you can’t open the mac pro unless you unplug everything from the back including power which is kind of annoying but I guess it’s not a huge deal.
But up get it open and you don’t see any cables, theirs is not one single exposed cable anywhere in the macpro as you get it from apple.
Now there’s headers to plug stuffs in if you want but all the first party skills just plugs right in with strategically placed pins, so in Apples ideal world, Everything everyone makes is compactable as MPX modules and they just slide in just like theirs, keeping the world clean, Matt black and easily modules

The only tool you need to do most of the adjustments aside is a single flip screw driver and to take stuffs out, you unlock it and they labeled everything if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.
They’ve labeled and showed you the order that you should remove them so that everything slides in and out easily. So one is the thumbscrew on the side, you don’t need your scree driver for those you can just literally unscrew them to take off the brackets.
The second one is the bridge between the modules as if you have more than one, it just needs one screw and then you can just pop it straight off.
The third is the screw on the other side and you can see that they’re still connected to the bracket spring , so they’re not lose screws, so you can’t lose them without losing the whole bracket and then you get that off and then the last step is the very satisfying lever to pull out of the PC shot and then your mPX module is free.

Now the MP module inside also has No fans in them which means they’re passively air cooled and they rely heavily on the air flow going through those front sees Fahd and the heat syncs and that has its pros and cons, the pro beings more extra fans means, no extra noise but they allow tends to be thicker Then most Numal parts because the huge heat syncs are bigger than much bigger than pulling in more fans.

The size of the CPU is more than a typical cake card but hey that’s what they built it around and they’re even labeled oh the underside of the Ram cover for instructions of where to see your memory depending on how many stars you have, so you can take advantage of this multi-channeled memory we’re working with here, a lot of this stuff, they end up didn’t have to do, so they include and paid a lot attention to the end finish.
Now let’s talk about the performance, because that’s why you get a computer like this, at the core and for me it’s being excellent, you’ll notice how it’s better for me, even than the maxed out 18core

12,00 mac pro that came before I was using this, now here are my mac pro specs:
28-Core Intel Xeon W
786 GB RAM
2x Radeon Pro Vega 11 Duo 164(GB)
After burner card

And if you check these options on apple site, you’ll see that I’ve given apple notch of 4k of MIL for a computer, so it should perform better than any IMac or any ever, but again most people would never need parts like this because I’m a fan of editing and I edit my pro level work flow that’s why I need the speed power of these PCs and for that it has being incredible and I’ve noted with workflow examples in the past and I think that animals and maybe high end photographers can take advantage of the power of the Mac pro but if not most people watching this video makers, YouTubers, even if it’s not 4K, you don’t even need a base mac pro and we gave a couple of other mac pro in the studio and the ones that I’m using those are my specs but we’ve tested a bunch of different ones, it’s definitely not more than I can use though, it’s not invincible from all purpose, I have a Max out mac pro from the 768G of RAM, which could be doubled but essentially this is the best computer apple has ever made and you can still watch it craw to a halt all you have to do is shoot an 8k clip Aat a low compression ratio maybe something like 5 to 1 then import it unto any large timeline 4k or 8k set playback to high quality and press play then you can see as the mac pro slows and become unusable.

I would imagine how like a Mac book pro, or like an IMac would have handled that even worst but I want to talk about the after burning Card for a minute though because that to me is really interesting So apple made a $2000 PC DE order card that’s essentially Just decides pro rez, so photographers don’t need it at all, coders, anyone making apps developing don’t need it even if him edit it any other Code, other than the Pro Rez or pro max, you Would not benefit at all from any after burner card but if you do edit Pro Red.

It would decode those dreams and let you effortlessly playback tons of high resolution video streams and it gives that up to 23 consecutive steams of 4k resolution.

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