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So you might have heard by now that apple was selling these wheels for the mac pro, but at the end of the mac pro review, we saw it kind of rolling away because there are no brakes, yeah.
Now on the surface it’s not actually clear why anyone would need wheels to their computer, considering your computer just sits at your desk anyway, but hey there’s nothing wrong with selling a product that very few people actually need, there’s a $400 option where you can configure them with the new MacBook Pro and if you don’t do that and you decided you say them later for some reason. You can buy then to install for yourself separately for $700.

So there’s a lot of reactions I could give, a lot of thoughts I could tell you about these wheels about how ridiculous they are, but I decided to take a step back and actually try to consider why they exist in the first place.

But I got go say having them in person which very few people need, there are some really nice wheels, objectively these might be the nicest computer wheels I’ve ever seen, I don’t know about you but when I think of computer wheels I’m thinking or the dusty plastic you see in schools, but these wheels are complete and total overkill, they’re entirely metal and rubber and you can tell as soon as you pick them up, they’re heavy, there’s weight to it. How might weight you might be asking? Well one wheel weighs more than twice the iPhone 11 pro, so you can tell the sparkly solid metal and they come with thus metal duo dudes hex tool with s black rubberised sleeve around the middle for grip and there’s all two nearly identical installation guides.

For some reason, one of then with more languages than the other, why would they make two of these instead of just printing them all in one.
Now the wheels themselves fully articulate 360 degrees at every joint, so the top joint rotates totally around and also says China, and then there’s a fully articulated, super smooth, rubber threads so its kind of like a car with perfect raiding it can crate nearly tighter radius than if it was a one sided singk4 tire.

So all that being said are these wheels actually good to cost $700, of course not if a phone could cost $400 than the material cost is clearly not there, but you know some times you can argue the value of something is higher based on the value it delivers to the person who buys it, but still the value of these wheels is just putting the mac pro on wheels with no brakes and the mac pro has to be plugged into the wall to be on anyway so that argument doesn’t really fit, but the oh really reasonable argument you can come up with having actual seen this is, they are high quality wheels and the tooling required to make them cost so much and the volume that they’re going to be selling is so low that they have to prove them super High to make their money back on selling these wheels buy apples doesn’t need to make the money back on every single product that they make, they regularly don’t do that and they often subsidize their less successful product with their more successful ones.

So why would apple make these $700 wheels, if they already knew that, I think the answer: to keep their shine.
You know apple loves to keep this image of a premium luxury brand, it’s what allows them to charge more stuff but everyone knows every single brand got some luxury products that are so expensive that people aren’t really mad. They can’t get it but it’s super easy to make fun of, we see that with brand we talk about all the time, supreme, Gucci, Rolex, Buggati, you know there’s a ton of hem and no matter what I’ll think of them you’ve heard of them and you know what they stand for.

So let’s be perfectly clear apple is a tech company, but in this tech world they’re the luxury ones and keeping that status and the perceived image of high quality isn’t easy and it doesn’t just come effortlessly in a competitive tech world where Luther companies are thinking their absolute best at them and trying to make their best possible product and make as much money as they possibly can and so they crafted the likes of the $329.

Which is an incredible deal in the tablet world and of course the recent $400 iPhone SE this super competitive again one of the best deals ever From their Como and so they’re not allergic to pricing things competively especially when it benefits their business but on the other end of the spectrum to keep their premium luxury image they’re of course need Hugh priced products, now this is something I’ve talked about in much apple related articles because as much products as they go make I’ve wished they would make more to fill in the gaps because often in some categories they would choose to keep up their image, they would choose to just make the expensive version of that thing like when making a design tower computers, they it made one and they made the expensive one, now they’re a lot of things that can change the perceived quality of an item, the actual hardware quality and fit and fresh and materials and even the name and the design of the packaging but the price is also one of the things.

There’s being studies done when you put two essentially identical things to each other and price and item higher than the other, if you ask people which they think is the better higher quality item, they’ll pick the more expensive one, people literally just assume what context that the higher priced item is better but here’s the thing competition I’d brutal especially in tech, so you can’t just raise all of your prices across the board and then suddenly you’re a luxury company, is not that easy.

So apple is uniquely positioned in a way where they can be uniquely competitive where it matters but then they can also on the other hand sacrifice some products for the name in the name of keeping up with their luxury status.

And so why not make something extreme while you’re at it, another point if you’ve not heard this before: media attention.

All press is good press, Curtis every article written about the mac pro wheels mentioned other apple products, shed light on the iPhone and sometimes even literally listed a couple of other apple products that you could buy for the same price as those wheels, so you can see how it feels Iike all press is good press.

So apple can choose to make that sacrifice with certain products and the mac pro wheels that’s a perfect place to sacrifice, where you going to buy those anyway, If they were $200 even if they were $25 where you going to buy these, So this is a perfect no bearer, you know what else is a no brainer the thousand dollar monitor stand, the $300 table book, the $17,00 apple watch and so even though no body in their perfect sense would buy this. It makes perfect sense that they exist and the more you talk and comment about their crazy $700 wheel, the more apple gets exactly what they want: more attention.

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