Now its hard to think about the huawei p40 pro, without reminding ourself that there’s no frequent google play service, no android updates, so no matter how good this phone is it’s still not going to be a phone that people like me in this market are going to buy, import or recommend to others, but that being said, it’s really a cool thing to see a new high end phone in 2020, Plus, Huawei slowed really cool stuffs in the past, so the lens through which I’m looking at this phone is what stuff from this phone, should other manufacturers copy so that these features end up in more hands around the world.

So the first thing to look at with thus phone is the design and in this design is one of my favorite thing about it, now a lot of pretty standard for a high end flagship right now.

So I’m not talking about that, we’ve all seen the vended square look and the huge camera bump which I’ll get to in a second and the metal rails on the side and the speaker at the bottom with no headphone Jack, we’ve all seen that before but the materials though it’s not even a ceramic back of the pro plus, it’s just has this super soft touch finish on the glass that feels silky smooth,
I don’t know if the word Saturn is the colour name but it’s pretty great, plus the lighter gray colour doesn’t show many fingerprints at all and even retracts light pretty softly so it’s not a mirror and it’s easy to record, this is one of my favorite phone back design ever.

And then we got the screen upfront and this is a mix bag because it’s a 6.5 inch OLED display so not too massive and it’s 2640 by 1200 at 90Hz not quite the higher standard but recurring angles and brightness and colors are well high end and nice to look at but what’s more interesting about this screen is the shape, so this display not only curves over the edges of the left and right dudes but it also kind of has the bit of the overflow shape on the top and bottom edges, so huawei said their goal was to make the whole thing look like its this overflowing screen like the surface of water overflowing from the top of a glass with surface tensions and the promo Materials probably seen in this phone has a looking like pretty much all seen, bit what we’ve ended up with is this and it’s a good looking screen but it’s most just seem like everything is rounded off and of course the corners don’t really get to curve in like that.

So you end up with this unique shape that’s not necessarily better, Ltd Kiel if you imagine trying to wrap a creator gift with wrapping paper and you try to wrap over the centre sphere without ceasing anything like you’re going to end up with some cases in that screen at some point, bit it’s not the worst hing in the world but it’s still mostly screen.

But this isn’t something I necessarily copy, also I definitely notice the huge cutout now, it’s for the selfie camera and a death sensor this about the smallest you can get, actually a pill shakes cutout, but if you still want to have all 3 of those things I think we’re finding more and more that the extra deity sensors are not as useful as we’ve thought they’re and the infrared in the middle are nice to have, a face unlock in a low light environment.

When I see this, I think of the iPhone and it’s massive notch, because of cause they have all those face ID sensors, and I’m hoping maybe finally thus year, we can see a much smaller notch in the new iPhone, although they seem Letty committed to face ID and keeping it red and all that stuff at the top, but if we see that Huawei can keep this pill shaped cutout being much smaller, then the notch then hopefully apple can shrink the notch this year too.

Underneath this display is the new optical fingerprint reader, they say its 30% larger and 30% faster and when I heard that I was like great but on paper these improvement are great, bit in practice in actually using this one I can’t even tell if it’s actually bigger in fact the animation is about the same size as last year and it’s fast which is great, but really getting that sensor larger is the technical challenge here, plus I think this one’s a little higher up on the phone then I would have wanted.

But I will still say than I would have wanted.
But I will still say I hope other manufacturers copy and continue to work on making a bigger sensors, in this screens, so then probably the biggest focus of the new iPhone is the camera system at the back.

The P40 pro has a quad camera system, so 50 mega pixel on the main camera,with 015, with an absolute over 1.2 inch sensor at the back of with the tunnel flight sensor on the Nike and the flash as well interestingly if the galaxy S20 ultra didn’t exist, I think it would be easier to look at this camera and the numbers and think wow looks like huawei us just playing the jumpers game with their camera, they’re trying to throw as many of the biggest numbers as possible at us to hopefully equal a good camera but huawei angles is actually the exact opposite of that, they said they don’t want to go all out with the numbers but they want to strike a balance between high numbers and good performance.

But of course, you can only copy the approach of the approach of the camera as far as getting to actual execution now this camera, as far as it translates still, early and some pretty good.
I’ve taken a lot of good photos and sharp photos with the camera, it’s beaming and spitting out 12mp photos by default and for the most part both are standard and the ultra wide are giving me pretty consistent photos, although the ultra wide is still a little bit softer than the 40mp, but you’re going to notice from the main camera, that huge sensor has some of the problems as the huge sensor from the S30 ultra basics with the plain focus being so thin that closeup subjects aren’t completely in focusing that you start to get some fringing no auto focus problems, though that faze tech auto focus in the phone seems rock solid.

Despite the problems the X20 had, but yeah overall here if you look beyond the numbers this is a camera that looks great for many huawei cameras in the last as far as color and high exposure and just the general shot style as a matter of fact.
If any of the cameras that impressed me it was actually the selfie camera with all the beauty modes turned off because it kept a ton of detail, that to me was a really good first impression.
The battery in this phone is 4200mah and if any thing it feels like a bigger battery trend is soft of a wave, everyone’s hoping on, and everyone copping that so it’s a good thug but this one takes a step further, the p40 pro has 420 watt wired charging which is awesome for context.
The 1 thousand dollar phone 11pro max ships with an 18watt wireless fast charger I don’t even know if I have access to a wireless charger that cranks out, 40 watts of power, and the rest of the specs of the phone are pretty high end.

If you’re wondering, the curving 9/90, 8gs of Ram, 28gs of storage, 1p68 water resistant and 5G enabled and a bunch of little things that it does well, the software and 10.1.

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