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First off, I couldn’t agree with the names, I don’t think there enough pro on these phones that could have being to weren’t putting pro on the name, but the new don’t really matter, what does matter is that there are the highest ends phones apples makes right now.
The truth is there are mostly familiar phones to last year which is also pretty familiar to the year before bit you already know that, what’s new is that the apple’s really focused on four major things for this new iPhone, which are.

The truth us there are mostly familiar phones to last year which is also pretty familiar to the year before, but you already know that, what’s new is that Apple’s really focused on four major things for this new iPhone which are:
The design
The slight upgrade on the display
A major upgrading the battery life
Of course the new cameras
So the design does grow on you, I’m not going to lie, you saw those vendors on the models and nobody thought they were pretty including me, but as usual getting them in your hand and actually looking at them in person IE the different thing and it doesn’t look horrible.
I love the new matte finish, the way it looks, the way it feels, even though it’s a lot slippery and glossy, I would take a matte option in any phone every time.

The camera square us the weird looking part, I’m just happy we got memes out if it, but got whatever reason the camera square looks indented even though it’s sticky out, it’s all cut in one piece of glass and it’s kind of like this weird optical illusion, but this is the design that apple’s crafted for the iPhone 11 pros camera bumps in a camera square and yes it Rick’s slightly when it’s on a table.

Apple does say this is the toughest glass in any smartphone, all I’m not going to test that but let’s be real, glass is glass, you always want to protect it or at least try not to drop it because it probably still will shatter, but the good news it doesn’t seem to scratch as much as the pixel 3 matte black glass, that’s the reminded me of, So the matte glass and the fish is the only new things back here with the design, if it comes down to it , if you don’t want to think sbou5 it anymore or you want to avoid any chance if fingerprints it scratches , you can grab a grip.

But in the front look if the phone, it’s just almost the same thing as last year, the green size and resolution, same notch, same Belize, you can out them closely to last year phone, and you Might have a hard time telling which one’s which so this is what’s actually different.

Apple says they’ve improved the face ID to be up to 30% faster in the sane place and work at a larger varies of angles, I could couch for a tiny bit faster but you’ll only really notice this if they’re side by side within the gold phone but you know, I’ll take that improvement anyway because it’s for security and that’s better than nothing but the variety of Ange’s thing I don’t know about you but when I read that I was hoping that it meant you can sit at a table in front of you and it can still unlock your face like it couldn’t before, but it still doesn’t do that unfortunately.

You still have to lean to whatever surface the phone is on to unlock it, so there’s no improvement here on the angles, so it’s basically the same other than the buttons are slightly lower on each phone, I don’t know if anyone else have shown that but that’s true.
I don’t know maybe because it’s a little easier to reach, they’re also improved the water resistance, still IP68 water resistance but this phone is slightly thicker and heavier, I didn’t notice the thickness but I did notice the weight especially in the last pro max, the big phone is 20 grams heavier than last year and I can tell.

But it’s great because battery life is back to being excellent on this phone, thus is also achieved by getting rid of the 3D touch in it, but by getting rid of that pressure sensitive display hardware, that’s allowed more space in the phone for a bigger battery, it’s true the teardowns gave shown it the battery us bigger, so that’s why the battery is different from the X2 to 12 was 1Hr, that’s just A13 bionic improvements from the XS to 11 pro was 4hrs because getting rid of that 3D touch hardware gas left room for more bigger batteries.

I don’t know of I can measure that 4 to 5 hour measure claim but from my experience battery life had being excellent, you know my use is super high brightness, Hugh end with everything on all the time and I’m getting 7-8 hours of screen on time, and a full day of battery pretty much everyday on thus phone, so its really impressive but you still can probably kill it in a day but you have to really try.

Now back to that display for a second, I mentioned they got rid of the 3D touch and mostly replaced by hectic touch, which is essentially long presses that bring back almos5 all the functionality from the 3D pressing, Although not quite as good as the peak and pull was but I hardly use that anyway and there’s also something now about the display specifically that it can hold a higher 800 note of brightness and that small point from brief moments can peak up to 12,600 Notre which is incredible on the smartphone display, also it’s up to a 2 million to one contrast ratio of course, if they had to name it they named it the Super Berber display XDR.

The name is pretty lame but the display is impressive again indoors and outdoors. Now coming to the question can you tell difference dude by side, watching a YouTube video or playing a game or even scrolling, instagram probably not but there are certain times when watching a movie or something in HDR when you can notice the improved brightness and it looks really great and the sound is also pretty good thanks to the improved speakers.
Even though there’s still a notch, but you know the highest in iPhone displays have again, but I can’t help but think what would customers have noticed more: a slightly improved brightness or skinning the notch a bit, but for now what you need to know is that the iPhone 11 pro and pro max have even better awesome high resolution OLED display.

And they’re also a bit more efficient contributing to a bit more battery games, so with it or and the specs they almos5 don’t matter on an iPhone review but since people are always curious, it’s the new A13 bionic chip thus year which is excellent and 4GB Ram, it’s still extremely fast in this program as any new phone shots be mostly the improvements over the A12 are just going to help us stay faster for longer and like its said they’ll be appreciated more near the end of the phones life than the beginning.

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