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Now in our previous article we gave a Full review on the specs of the phone, but in this article we’re going to be reviewing the cameras of the iPhone 11 pro, just how efficient are they?
Clearly if you’ve watched any of the ads or any of the presentation about the camera are the main focus of the iPhone 11 pro. So you’ve seen it, we’re looking at triple cameras now, 3 new sensors so you have the primary 12 megapixel sensor, 2 2x teleplato camera and a point six ultra camera about a 120 degrees field of view, and it’s true the iPhone 11 camera are big improvement over the XS in broad daylight, I would recommend go as far as saying this has being an A+ camera, often taking the best, sharpest and cleanest photos I’ve ever seen a smartphone take, the colours are great, they’re realistic to over process dynamic range is excellent and of course subjects tunnel mapping is just level, so it’s really good, which helps it of course in tougher shooting scenarios and has improved a lot over the 165.

So the typical iPhone 11 pro photo is the closet to what the human eyes sees of any smartphone cameras now, including the point on that, which tends to be a little contest here and a little more dramatic, buy then of course the virtual wide camera and I’ve being waiting for this, I’ve being waiting to see what an iPhone ultra wide camera would be like, LG has done it, Samsung did it, Motorola did it, Asus did it.

Everyone has already done an ultra wide, we just waited to see basically what google and able would do with the new camera so we finally have the iPhone ultra wide and it’s fine.
It’s pretty good, it’s actually really fun, the main advantage should be the consistency with other lens, color wise, while balance it is, it’s very consistent but in quality and data thanks to the smaller sensors and slower glass, it us still nosily a step down, there’s a little more noise reduction during the moving of the ultra wide camera, it’s just generally not as good quality as the main camera which is to be expected but that doesn’t stop it from being awesome to have, for thus new fun perspective and all the awareness that cones with the ultrasonic camera.

The new wire were also in iPhone camera app has improved for the first time in a while, they simplified Jr and the control, almost from the bottom, you can redirect it with one hand and now when you open it, you get a preview of what’s going to show up in the ultrasonic wide if you switch to it.

But I don’t really want that there, I think its kind of cool that it shows it but while you want to take a normal photo it’s kind of distracting it lacks behind a little bit of the actual framing and it’s but perfectly aligned all the time so.

I want to turn it off but I can’t, it will figure out automatically but it default that you’re taking a photo of a closeup subject, somewhere it recognizes that ultra wide are more for landscapes and far away subjects and then it will come back automatically when you out that close subject away but I want to be able to shut it completely off.

There’s also now finally a dedicated nightlife, which turns on automatically when it picks it dark enough but sometimes it’s kind of dim and it doesn’t turn on when you want it to but there’s no way to manually turn on night mode, why you isn’t very pro but okay.

But when you do turn it on, the UI is excellent it gives you exposure equivalent so you can turn even live and it will go for many longer timings if it detects you’re on a tripod or stabilizer, you can see the pictures sort of brighten up as its being taken.

Like its exposing the frame in real time which is pretty great, and the shots you can get now at night and in low lights on the iPhone are very good, although there’s no clear overall winner I think for best night mode right now in My opinion.

They all sort of do it in a different way, but here’s my take, night mode Is good enough that I wish I could turn it on more often, I think the natural comparison here is with pixel night sight. The pixel tends to brighten up photos more and bring shades up and highlights them, so its more like a night time to day time transformation sort of situation, happens in the pixel for the iPhone, it’s a bit more true to life and it also taken what I think are the detailed sharpest low-light photos of any smartphone even more so than the pixel.

but in dim light it doesn’t turn on very much and there is no night mode in the ultrasonic camera, so its really a great start but I think it can get better overtime and I think it would make a really good blind smartphone camera test, if I’ve do like a separate bracket test for phones dedicated to nightmode now, which is a lot of them I think it can be really good.

So in general I’m really happy that there’s this new focus on smartphone cameras, I feel like the last year of presentation of smartphones have had more time spent on the camera that any other feature and they’re all just fighting against each other to try to make the best possible camera to put in our pockets and a win-win from that.

The iPhone 11 pro still does the best video of any kind that’s still pretty clear to me and I’m also making it easier now, in the VI to just quickly start taking a video so if you see something you like you open the camera in and just hold down the shutter box and if not start recovering.
So just like instagram and snap chat live chat and if you want to kick into video recording and tray it info the night mode and its hands free and you’re taking a video, and year on the photo front the competition is pretty still and you’re coming from all different directions, we’re about to get pixel 4 we just get the huawei made A30 pro coming up, one plus 7T is right around the corner, so you can count on that stuff.

But I just want to touch on the IOS 13 for a second, so I’ve being using it in bets and the iPhone XS max, so I’ve clearly used the things you get again here like dark mode and the long press and quick settings and stuffs like that.

It’s great and a bunch of little tweaks here and there but I got to say it had being kind of buggy and cut some weird issues with the lock screen controls just by showing up.
Sometimes the camera app freezes all together until I close and I’ve had some weird apps issues like the Tesla app and instagram app, but now those are faced.

Hopefully 10S 13.1 and fracture 13 updates will eaxf a lot of this stuff otherwise it’s IOS as you’ve expected, also for those wondering the UI chip in thus phone should they basically give you ultra wide advanced signals from torrential locality of other UI devices and should improve air drop that’s not enabled in this version of the software I think that’s also coming in 13.

But aside from that we don’t really know what else it does, so generally the software experience of the phone is pretty much unrealized same. Nothing dramatically different here beyond nightmode, so I’m but super surprised here, so you probably don’t need an iPhone 11 pro bit it’s a great upgrade especially when a lot of this argument even thought are small are on this core functional improvement to many people like speed, battery life and camera.

And that’s what normal people would care most about their phone, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a lot of these features that I was looking forward to especially when I heard it was going to be a pro phone just not here and it’s get me hiked way to early for this 2020 iphone 12, and actually new design showing the notch USB type c, higher refresh rate a powerful display, touch ID back underneath the display glass, Morse charging any of these thing in this phone moved here, felt a little more pro and would have made it worth the name or just felt really cool to have but of course none of that happens and so the focus for this new iPhone 11 pro has come down to the A13 , the battery life the slightly impaired digital and the new cameras.

If you’re someone who just wants the best possible camera in your phone and you do a lot of video creation it if you’re a pro content creator on your phone then you’re go8ng to be really happy with the cameras or even with the iPhone 11 none pro, which is $300 cheaper and has the same camera and same processing and a great battery life minus the telephoto.
But as a whole the iPhone 11 pro is a great phone.

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