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The new beat solo pro is one of the best headset I’ve ever used, although it comes in different sizes and they include the Matt black, maltered red, dark blue but all of these colours are all Matt finish, soft touches around and all of these colours has no finger prints anywhere.

They’re just really well built and this was one of my complain about early beats when they were just this thin glossy plastic things that just broke super easily but with the new beat solo pro, this is typically the opposite. The top end is 30 now there’s metal on the side pieces and just by sliding these metal pieces up or down to the side of your head.

Another thing is that it’s rigid and that’s what makes it my favorite beat build head phone, actually of all time, but I also think that the improvement may have also led to this head.
Another thing is that it’s rigid and it’s my favorite built of beat headphones, actually of all time, but I also think that the improvement may have also led to this headphones biggest downside which is comfort.

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These are on your headphones first of all but not a whole ton like some others and they’re generally just a little more rigid partially because of that metal and that’s the number one reason they’re uncomfortable is because they sit tight on your ears and the clamp force is right and sometimes when you notice the clamp force of headphones are tight, you sort of break them in.
But the beats headphones hadn’t have that effect, they sort of stayed rigid, which means they’re built well and they won’t break but it’s still kind of uncomfortable, so I found that I can raise a couple of hours and it didn’t really get worse over that time but they pretty much rode away, and they’re pretty uncomfortable because they’re squeezing my ears, but once you get them right on.

That’s actually where the fun starts, they turn on automatically when you open them and they turn off right when you close them, which is a pretty good mechanism. Because since there’s no on and off button so you never leave then on by accident and kill the battery.

And once they’re on, there’s really just on controller and that’s the d pad on the right hand side and it controls everything, one push for play pause, double tap for the next track, triple two for the previous and you can also volume up or volume down and then the little button on the left can turn on and off or even transparency mode.

And the noise cancellation is pretty good, it was better than I expected, you turn it on and you can immediately hear everything drying out, the headphone Is great with background noise, it’s great with public transit and awesome on a plane and the way and the way they actually sound is good, it’s not like the previous beats which are super heavy and overwhelming but these are a totally different world.

And I’ll actually say they sound very good and don’t get me wrong they’re still heavier on the base and the highs and less on the miss which can make it sound a little bit shrewd if you use to flatter or more Neutral sounding headphones. But in general for most people this would sound bright and clear and vivid like a photo from Samsung phone, you also get a decent amount of isolation the way these cups sit on your head but that’s many because they clamp so.

If you’re still someone who’s worried about beats they may sound terrible you don’t have to worry about that anymore but I’ll still say the Sony, bells and zealot I still think they sound better than these but the transparency modes which uses the microphone as a use to hearing what’s around you instead of just cancelling them works just fine and the soft case they come in is great.
Now about the battery life which is excellent, 40 hours with noise cancellation off and 20 hours with noise cancellation or listening on.
So it has a great battery life and it’s also fast charge, so if you plug this in with about an hour of listening.

But the only problem is they charge via lightening which is if you’re an iPhone user it’s not much of a bumper but for someone like me who paired them with an iPad pro and android phone, I would have been great if they also used USB type c like others, but these are beats, they’re made by apple and that would be asking too much.
So my view on beats is that they are my second favorite headphones ever after Sony.

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