Download Mp3: Chris Brown – Red

Chris Brown – Red

Chris Brown – Red Mp3 Download

Music fades, love grows when your love for your favorite artist keeps growing but his last hit is becoming stale to your ears then he hits the airwaves with yet another hit track titled “Red“.

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That’s one small step for man
One giant leap for mankind
Columbia, Columbia, this is Houston AOS, over (Columbia)
Can I? Wait, can I? Should I?
Rewind, just remind me that I’m down
Knocked down
And it’s your year
I should have realized, realized, from the beginnin’
You right, you right with that, baby (Huh)
Yes, I know you better
Girl, nobody else matters
If you stay away from me too long, I
I might swim for it
If you keep your love from me, girl, I might
I might just keep going
‘Round and ’round in circles
Could you stop fuckin’ with my head?
‘Cause I see the color purple
Don’t break my heart
Don’t wanna see
Red, red (Don’t wanna see)
Red (Oh, no, no, no)
Don’t wanna see, see
Eyes turnin’ blurry
I don’t want this, bringin’ down a part of me
(Don’t wanna see)…

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