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Chris Brown – Indigo

Chris Brown – Indigo Mp3 Download

Music fades, love grows when your love for your favorite artist keeps growing but his last hit is becoming stale to your ears then he hits the airwaves with yet another hit track titled “Indigo“.


Should I hit the town? (Uh)
Pull up at the strip (skrrt, skrrt, uh)
Fuck up a check, yeah
Show ’em how I live, yeah
Link on my neck (link on my neck)
I got ’em on deck (I got ’em on deck)
But they don’t know you already at the crib
‘Cause you nasty, babe
You do everything I like
But you classy, babe
And your spirit, just my type
Oh, you nasty, babe
You do everything I like
Yeah, you nasty, babe
You nasty, baby
Frequency, you freaky when we in the bed
Yoga, fit pilate body, shawty, yeah
I can spot your curves with no infrared
Level to me, baby, open my third eye
That’s my baby, she woke
She my little cheat code
When I’m with her, we grow
I found my light
In the way that she glow
Now wherever I go
I look around and the colors so bright
Green, rolled up in leaves

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