10 Key Principles of Leadership


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When you are accepted as a leader, people usually tend to subconsciously follow your doings and observe your behavioral pattern and aura. This observation is then used to analyze whether you are estimable, a trustworthy leader or not worth the importance at all. It is critical for you as a leader to analyze yourself from time to time as well. Understand the fact that in the eyes of your employees, your leadership is everything and that your decisions affect the organization’s objective as well as their well-being.

Are you a real leader or just another self- proclaimed corporate douche that does not deserve authority or the position for that matter?

Top 3 key tools that are a must to be present in every leader:

  1. Be: What are your beliefs and values as a leader of the team.
  2. Know: Your know-how of your job, tasks, hold over employee and human nature, etc.
  3. Do: The implementation and doing part towards motivating and providing the push in the right direction.

The top three must have features in every corporate leader include:

  1. Confidence
  2. Effective communication skills
  3. Focus

The 10 essential principles for a corporate leader:

  1. Turning a leader is a grave task of responsibility. Hence, you could keep its integrity and sign up for a leadership development program and work on your leadership skills development to help you be a most sought-after leader.
  2. Being proficient technically is extremely vital, as your scope of making mistakes is very limited. As a leader, you must have a solid foundation erasing the scope of making daft errors.
  3. Taking responsibility for your actions is necessary. Look for ways to heighten your organization’s position and take a stern stand as and when required. Also, make sure to take full responsibility when you go wrong.
  4. Make decisions on time. On having a problem arise, make sure to make the right and most appropriate decision and bring about the much-desired advances in the company.
  5. Be a role model for your employees by playing fair and believing only, what you have seen and not heard.
  6. Having an understanding of human nature is important, as that would mean you sincerely care for your employees.
  7. Effective communication is the key to a great leader. Make sure to use your communication skills for your benefit while speaking to your co-employees, seniors, and other key people as well.
  8. A sense of accountability that should develop in you over a period of time. This will make you and your employees professionally sound. You could also opt for Leadership training to help you develop this skill better.
  9. Being the leader, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that the tasks allotted by you are understood, supervised and accomplished.
  10. Create the feeling of team spirit among your employees to make sure that they work in harmony with each other as well as pursue the objective of your company.

Leadership comes with responsibility! Be a great leader and inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, accomplish your company’s goals whole-heartedly


How You Can Turn into an Inspirational Leader?

Corporate world is a boring place to be in. This is a commonly shared emotion among employees world over. A random survey has highlighted that most people hate going to office especially after the weekend. If this is true, what employer’s can do to change this thinking, to make their employees more enthusiastic towards work? A training program or outdoor picnics, can such activities raise employees dedication to work. Unfortunately, no. Likewise, a free coffee or lunch is not going to change much in their perceptions. An unhappy and disengaged employee cannot give his/her best at work. That is why the role of leaders is created in the organization. An ideal leader is the one who can inspire his subordinates to do what is best for the company.

Traits of an inspiring leader

  • Enthusiasm:

A leader cannot be inspiring unless he is inspired. No matter how many leadership-training activities you have participated, if you lack the passion towards work, you cannot ignite passion in your subordinates. Ignite the passion within you first and then pass on the torch to others.

  • Have a vision:

It is difficult to achieve anything big unless you have a vision. So, as a leader develop a vision, a plan of action on how you envision to meet a goal. A number of leadership development programs today focus on helping leaders develop a clear vision, which in turn helps them to project the overall brand image better. A clear and bold vision goes a long way in inspiring subordinates to work hard and meet goals.

  • Practice the art of selling

It’s a fact that most employees do not care much about company’s aim of growing sales. A CEO of a big retail firm once said that it is important to sell the benefit to your employees. A company’s goal might be to raise stock price or increase sales by 10%, but how a leader communicates this to employees’ makes all the difference. If you talk about their benefit, such as job stability, increment, and flexible timings, they will be more enthusiastic towards work. An inspiring leader is the one who lets his employees know what is in it for them.

  • Invite participation:

The most sought after way to be an inspiring leader is to invite participation from your team. Make it a practice to allow your team voice their opinions on different aspects related to job. Pay package is one thing that can motivate employees but not for a longer time. They need more than that – they want to be heard. Therefore, give them a platform to speak and express. Arrange for team building activities for them to give them a chance to bond well. Likewise, you should take part in leadership development programs to polish your interpersonal and leadership skills

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