Today we’re going to talk about Emilia Clarke and sure enough she displays a number of charismatic characters, though they’re seemingly simple but are extremely powerful, so in this video I’m going to break down four of Emilia’s habits that makes her so charming, many of these may sound basic at first glance but there are numerous instances that takes them from ordinary basic advice to extremely charismatic if you hit the Nuance.

The first one of these is a more subtle point and it’s to start with something you cannot Help but notice when you start with Emilia and that is her beaming and frequent smile, it lists up her whole face, smiling is one of the fastest ways to communicate friendly intentions and put other people at ease, but since it’s so easy to do, people have learnt to take it to their advantage and we in turn have learnt unconscious Ways of detecting which of the smiles are genuine and which ate meant to manipulate us, subconsciously we don’t work at the mouth but the eyes, if the person’s eyes don’t have any flexing in the muscle below or around their eyes we judge that smile to be fake and surely distrust that person for that perceived attempt at manipulating us. As Emilia isn’t even close to triggering this thought.

Of course Emilia isn’t focused on squeezing her eye muscles precisely to appear genuine and neither would you be. But instead her genuine smile should come from allowing herself to find the humor in everything, this is the nuance and while it might seem as everything is point more often than we realize we restrain ourselves from thus genuine smile and genuine laughter, sometimes it’s because we’re uncomfortable laughing at ourselves, we think that it would hurt our social standing to do that, Emilia prices that the willingness to laugh at yourself is extremely charismatic.

Other time we can hold back on smiling and laughing because other times we can think of charisma as something that requires you to always be the leader to be the one in the spotlight, then we’re I’m the competitive mindset and then someone else tells a joke and rather than laugh we might hold back and look cut a way to make people laugh at our next joke, but Emilia doesn’t fall into that ego trap.

Another thing she does is highlighting the people around you and making them feel funny while they have the spotlight on them leads to your own charisma rising now, Emilia’s willingness to smile freely actually leads to our second major point and that is our sarcastic comedic instincts might tell us to cut someone down, Emilia use those instances to build others up.

Now the reverse is especially common in young men, who make sayings like “cool stories bro, when someone makes a bad joke but Emilia avoid this low blow, you massively generate good will when you laugh with someone rather than at them.
Even though the whole room might laugh when you pick on one individual it’s usually better to take the supportive role and it’s usually better, when those on your end dive deeper into thus role.

Now to be clear, I don’t mean to say that you can never tease people, Emilia does it on occasions but interestingly she often funds a way to sneak subtle compliment into those teases.

As suspecting part if this is that genuine people because unlike other people, she isn’t trying to have a normal intro, she doesn’t want to blend in and match the energy of the room, instead she almost raises the energy.
She raises the energies of the interactions that she raises and involved in, this gives an extremely powerful habit even though it isn’t immediately noticeable.

You can see how enthusiastic she is above the other people, that she’s speaking to. First in her introduction then in the questi8n that are asked of her, raising your energy can be a difficult thing to do, because our default is to be normal like everyone else, but when you come in with one energy higher than a group or another different than the situation calls for, people almost always appreciate it, even though we’re in a serious business life, it go professional mode.

We live to be reminded of the lighter side of life and Emilia dies this frequently with her higher and more playful energy and just in case you don’t think this doesn’t allies to business settings.

So when you find yourself in any situation try to be normal, try to have fun, even though it means you’re the first one to be more enthusiastic and energetic and positive.
Now the last simple habit that makes Emilia, so effortlessly charming is that she us an active listener, she makes the people communicating with her feel validated and heard, and we’ve already seen an example of that in her validating jokes about the people also, active listening can even be more subtle than that,
For instance she often listens while repeating phrases the other person has just said, the cool thing about thud habit us that it’s very under the radar people begin to feel good and to associate that feeling with you, without really knowing why, which then contributes then to saying I don’t really know how to say it but I just like then, there are a lot if ways to be charging but I think she had one of the most elegant, you might make other people feel good by modeling how to feel good yourself when you’re happy and comfortable expressing it in a genuine Way.

Your smile and your laughter your ways you treat people, all this things has a way of making people see you as the more charismatic type.
I know you’ve spent a lot of t8nr talking about the eye contact, the body language and tonality, basically all of the surface level aspect of magnetism bit I want to take a step back today and I want to talk about the mindset that underpin all of third things because when you’re having a conversation with someone it becomes very different to focus on the eye contact, as well as the tonality that you gave and gesticulations all at the same time, but when you get the mindset formerly set in place, all of those sort of things that are surface level tend to just flow easily so today I want to talk about the mindset that lead to the kind of charismatic behaviour that are going to make your life much more better in terms of social interactions and those mindsets are those starting with the first one.

No matter what I will be okay, in my opinion this is the most fundamental mindset to charisma, because so many people live their lives in a sort of mental loop of what it questions right, what if I speak up and my boss doesn’t like my idea, what if I ask this girl on a date and she says no, or what if I’m in need for a kiss and she ducks away, like what if I would ask this person to go just as a friend for coffee and they would say I was busy, so all this sort of things, stop people from acting up from expressing who they really are, now in the social context what you need to realize is that the repercussions of even the worst case scenarios and every single one of these are not so bad, you recover from this, if your boss doesn’t like the idea, fine move on.

If a girl doesn’t want to go on a date with you, it’s probably better that you know rather than spending 6 months trying to figure out which signals that she’s sending that’s trying to indicate that she does, so when you can get that mindset that no matter what I will be okay and I rise out if it’s social ford, I don’t necessarily mean to extend this to jumping out of 40 story building, but socially no matter what happens you will be okay, that enables you to act with the sort of freedom that most people never experience and that means that you can rush social things in terms of cracking jokes, expressing ideas, asking people, expressing how you feel, that means that you can risk that more than other people and when other people seem to see that you have this immunity to social pressure, that you’re expressing who you are more, they will naturally gravitate towards you because that is a strength that most of us, really want to have in ourselves the most fundamental piece, no matter what happens will be okay.

If you ever find yourself stuck not knowing if you would speak up, come back to this belief it is so critical.
The second belief is to care more about your character than your reputation, now this is basically a quote from Jordan that I’ve turned into a belief but if you take that idea that your character is more important than how people perceive you.

What you realize is the way that you are Matters more than the way that people think you are, so many people spend their lives trying to manage the opinions of other people, will they think this if I do that, what happens if I do this even if I say the truth they’ll still not going to believe me right, so when you focus on just doing the right thing, worrying about your own character and then letting people form opinions about you, what happens is people see that you’re not overly invested in controlling how they feel, which makes them go, wait a second.

If they sit care so much about how I feel, I can trust then to be genuine, so it’s kind of paradoxical but if you focus on your character and you stop investing so much effort into controlling people opinions of you, this may sound crazy but it’s absolutely true.

So now coming to the third belief and in my opinion this is the one that is the least emphasized and needs to be talked about much more and that is belief is that you have impeccable honesty and integrity, every single time that you tell a lie, even if it’s a little lie like, “I’m on my way, when you’re really getting dressed or in shower, or if it’s a big lie. On the other hand the type of lie that can ruin a relationship. No matter what it is, even if you don’t get caught and even if there’s no negative consequences to the relationships, the problem is you build s reputation with yourself when you lie and that reputation and that reputation is sometimes you say words that aren’t true, sometimes you’re not to be believed and even if no one else finds out, you know this, now this absolutely devastate your ability to look someone in the eye and speak that I believe that I’m 100% words coming out of my mouth, the things that I say I an fully standing behind when you like sometime you hurt your ability to speak with conversation all the time, because at the back of your head, no matter what you’re saying you know that sometimes you lie and that comes through in gestures thrift a flinch, through eye contact and a little waver of the voice that’s going to be through, so my recommendation to you if you identify with someone is likely that some times lies is just to cut that shot out today and the truth is there’s going to be a pound to pay if you’re starting building a life that is predicted on a handful or lies that might have seen it with at the time walking them back and exposing the truth can hurt my advice when I get question about thus go to 99% of the time is to do it anyway.

When there’s situation around the periphery that’s not just with it and then there’s on their death bed, and you don’t need to tell them that you don’t believe in God, but they do believe in God, sure some time furl on that circumstances but from 99-99 percent of those situation have your wondering to tell the truth or not the answer to that relationship is yes because if you don’t tell the truth you’re crushing your own self esteem and your abilities to speak with conviction and to turn genius relationships in your life.

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