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When people encourage you to read certain books and these are some of the books that people


persuade me to read, so now before we discuss that let’s talk about what I was hoping to read this week.

This week was kind of an interesting reading for me, because it would count towards my other weeks books and I cut off my reading year at the end of the week, so without further delay let’s list them.

The next book I would encourage is 10 blind dates by Ashely elston, I’ve been saving this for Christmas and I can’t wait to get to it because it sounds like the set up for an amazing book, It was set over a Christmas break and it follows the main character who has just been through a breakup, she thought that she was going to spend the Christmas season with her boyfriend and then he ends up breaking up with her and she’s like “wish, that’s not happening, so she goes to visit her extended family and her grandma comes up with the plan where they’re all going to plan out these 10 blind dates for her so over the course of Christmas break, she’s going to be going on all these dates that have been planned by her loved ones.

One of them is like she has to play Mary and it just sound recipe for but also so much Christmas spirit, this is probably going to be the first book that I gave picked up this December, because I’m just so excited for it.
Now the next is one day at December by Jose silver, now this book is basically a love at first sight scene on a snowy day in December and the main character makes it her mission to try and find this guy because she literally just saw him at a bus stop, and the bus was leaving so, she never actually get to talk to him and she ends up unexpectedly re-uniting with him but that is because one of her best friends introduces him as her boyfriend.

So I know this deals with a pretty large period of time and I go to believe it’s all set at Christmas time either and I’m kind of getting the love Rudy scene and I know it’s because well Cecilia Eric.

And I just walked the movie recently and I really enjoyed it and it’s also like so critsby and I think this is what it’s going to be.
Because it just all of caring and all of that stuff and even though it’s not all set in December, they do meet in December and they ended up remembering at a Christmas party so it’s still feels appropriate for the much.

next is hidden see by Gregory McGuire and he is the author of wicked, which I haven’t read the book but I have seen the music, comments and I love it so much and he also wrote after Alice. Which was alive in wonderland retelling and I love that one, and this is a nutcracker retelling.

So, Gregory McGuire actually specializes in retelling and I don’t think I’ve seen any book by him that isn’t a retelling.
But I actually read the nutcracker by E. T human, last year and I kind of went to get an illustrated copy of it because I fell like I would have enjoyed it more if I had some illustrations or visual elements attached to it just because I’m used to the ballet, so I’m used to seeing the story and breathing UT was a little bit bored.

So I’m definitely very intrigued by a retelling of it, I don’t think I’ve ever read one or hears of one I could be forgetting something but I think it will be an interesting story to do a retelling of and this creeps me out,
Same reason I can’t really explain why but I’m definitely super intrigued to see what he’s going to do with this classic, the next is 25 days to December by poppy Alexandra.
This one raise a 100% in impulse because I was sleeping for Christmas gifts and I saw the book and I was like “oh another adult romance that is Christmas themed with the cute Christmas cover so I need it and I got it” but oh popular research this actually seemed like it’s going to be a pretty heavy Christmas story that follows Kate.

And hate use to be obsessed with Christmas, it was her favorite time of the year but she not like that anymore, since her husband left for the war and never ended up coming back, so now she’s left with her son and she’s determined to make this Christmas the best ever for him.

So she does that by creating this awesome advent calendar which us where the cover adoration come from.
Though obviously there’s going to be some romance along the way but honestly the synopsis doesn’t really say that much about the romance. So I guess I would read it and find out and I think it’s going to be beautiful sort if family Christmas story and I’m very excited to check it out.

And finally it’s love and other train wrecks by Lisa Conan, I don’t think its exactly Christmas themed but it is set during a snow storm and that feels inappropriate, it’s also a 24 hour story that takes place when both of these characters are on a train going to upstate New York and there end up being this giant snow storm.

And the train gets stuck, so we have two characters, burn who is an absolute helpless romantic and Emmy who doesn’t belief in that because her pairs don’t exactly set the best example for her in terms of romance, but they have just teared up together to try and get where we need to go even though this train has broken down, I’m getting vibes for the sun is also a star, and bye both if those are set over a very short period of time and I think they’re both 24 hours and the element of hiring this trans stopping and just it feels romantic and the snow storm and it’s set in the letter mould and I’m really excited to read it.

So those are all of the books I’m happy to read this month, hope you I will be able to get to the books that I have since they seasonal and I can’t really read them in July, I mean I could if I wanted to , but I like to save them For December and I don’t want then to be on my TV for ever.

So if I could get to then this year that would be awesome, do please let me know when you’re planning on reading in December or if you’re reading any of these books.

So last week I was able to read my 2 books a week which I’m really excited about so I want to try and keep that up this week, so I mentioned in my previous article that I’ll be doing a physical read and an audio book.
So for my physical read this week, I’m going to be reading Wolf by wolf written by Ryan grandyan, I actually haven’t gotten the chance to start this but I intend to do that tomorrow, but I did already start my audio book, because I was just trying to find something that was available on screen, and the only one actually I don’t think there was anyone available on script for my audio book.

So I just ended up going completely off and I picked the key to a legendary ever after by tenth Marcelo, so this is an adult romance.
I had already started this which is kind of why I ended up continuing with it, and I don’t think it’s going to take me very long to listen to, but I will probably take an hour to finish it.
So like I mentioned earlier, it’s an adult romance, the synopsis is about sisters who end up taking over their parents weddings planning business, so you follow each of these sisters on your own romantic journey, while they’re planning weddings, it’s so cute and I’m quite enjoying it so far.

coming to wolf by wolf I see the novel as kind of thrilling, the concept for this novel is that World War 2 ended up very differently that it actually did in reality, so it’s an alternate historical story where Hitlersurvived and now there’s this motorcycle rave where if you win the race, you get to meet him and the main character of this was in a death camp, do she wants to try and win the rave to meet Hitler and kill him, so I feel like there’s going to be a lot happening and it feels like skin shifting.
But I have rear a book by thus author and now I truly believe I just should start with this one, so this week I also need to kind of make a plan for going forward, so I’ve being trying to learn how to work from hind and I’ve being doing it for a while now but like its not going to be easy.

I find myself struggling with time management and I do a really good job with it but u don’t and I want to be better at it, so I want to try and make more structured schedules for the week going forward, so I guess that I’ll leave something that I’ll do today, but one thing that I started getting into last week was I started Going to the gym but last week I started getting into making my own workout plans although, I’ve had a personal trainer before, but now I’m starting to do stuff on my own like wright training and that’s something I never thought I was being able to do on my own but I actually really dong it and I put this plans together so that gas actually being taking up quite a bit of my time because I’m kind of addicted to ur but I also have some articles stuffs to do for twin travel words.

This week because I got so e feedback for the submission so I gave a few loose ends to the up before I go on submission so that’s definitely something that I’m going to have to do in the next couple of days.
So that when the videos planned so I feel like I said that every week but I just want to have that strictly planned out so whenever I get to post, I post.

But right now I just have those articles ideas but I don’t have those books Jr anything like that, so I guess that would be a thing to do.
Also I got a book last week, I haven’t actually showed you guys but I got to my local bookstore and I picked up cresant city by Sarah j mills, I haven’t actually read kingdom of bashes yet, but I picked thus so this is Sarah j mass first adult fantasy that’s all I know about it.

I also know I was going to read it so obviously u don’t need to know anything else and I would actually really like to read this book too.

But I’m just kind of afraid to because it’s kung if like 900 pages, and it’s so big that I don’t know if I might take something of this right now, or if I want to wait a little bit for when I feel a bit more comfortable with fantasies I’m not sure yet, I don’t know if I want to just like go into it but I guess we’ll just see.

I know next week my sister is coming down and visiting, so I’m probably not be able to get a lot of realty done that week so it kind of get to some bigger books or king of push myself to maybe read 4 books down this week it’s not going to happen but I kind of like to have that goal in mind.
What I do know is I have some bookshoping which was exciting because I got the email from. No further deals this week and I saw that they had rung for 30% off which I have the 10 plus.

And then for the teens books, they have a 25% off on some pre-orders so I’ll get 10% off that as well and you’ll also get 300 bonus pills.
Although I haven’t really bought many books this year but I bought my books this year but I bought the king of crows by Libra brat which I’s the finale to the diviners universe and the only phone books that I bought this year is cresset city.

Those are the books I consider seeing aside, so. I’ve bought super good but now I have a lot but for pre-orders they don’t charge me until it comes out.

Now coming to +r wild by the wolf I really love the except they put in the begging and also when I thought of alternate history, I thought that this was going to be far in the future which doesn’t make sense but it’s in the 50’s.

So it’s like a pretty close following by the end World War 2, but I like the fact that there’s a lot of differ things that are bought into it from the conflict.

So there’s a lot of follow up obviously I’d the war has ended in a different way and it seems to Mr like most of the basis are coveted if not all of them.

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