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Today I’m going to discuss the greatest double edged sword of being a human and that’s the human intellect, the human intellect is both humanities greatest strength and it’s greatest weakness as well.

So in a sense that its it strength and its what allows is to create complex civilizations technologies, tools ideologies and it’s what allows us to learn more about this planet and about space and about reality in general and intellect allows us to function in a really effective way for creating new things and these are the things that are really make humanity unique so its our ability to make meaning and remember meanings and then project that meaning into reality, that allows us to do these things.

now the other side of the coin, to All of these process of things about the human intellect is that it’s so complex and so airtight seeming that are can be completely wrapped up in a world view and the projecting about reality so much so that we don’t realize we’re not even experiencing reality itself, so it makes is very grounded and blind to things about our intellect that are happening intimately like emotionally and intellectually and then also the external aspect as well, we can ignore things about reality that contradicts our world view.

So for example, if we carry around the beliefs that we’re a happy person and that’s like a real my strong belief that one can’t really see past, then we might miss that we have other emotions going on your other than happiness, We might miss that we have some underlying anger or we have some underlying sadness going on but we’ve slapped the label of happy over and we’ve projected that label.

So we don’t see it, in fact the trend that I notice is that a lot of intellect oriented people tend to become very unconscious and this is because they have such a great attitude for creating projections into reality, that are relatively sound and logical that they think that their projection into reality I’d reality itself, they believe their ideologies and their ideas about things that are literally true.
Sometimes this manifest in being able not to get away from the particular ideology, like for example, intellect an ideology is kind of a lens for looking at reality and it’s kind of work in the sense of functions in a technological way, there is some practical reason for it, bit in order to function within an ideology, you have to sort of put on ideology Googles, so it’s always going to distort reality somewhat because you’re hit really experiencing reality as it is, you’re experiencing it through the projections of your thoughts and ideas and your ideology in the world view, So a lot of intelligent tends to fall on top of not being able to take off those ideological googles and also not being as to put on other sets of ideological googles to see what their perspectives are like, but sometimes it’s tendency for projections and also manifest In more subtle ways like not being able to see reality without always differentiating to symbols.

So that works view becomes really unstable and then it actually opens them. Up to a lot of manipulation and just ungroundness in general where they don’t have a firm in Solid foundation in reality but on the flip side of that, intellect we can actually see reality for what it is, we can be very firmly grounded in what’s actually true, the truth and when we do this we’re able to be a lot wiser and able to actually function better in a practical sense too because, we’re no being swept this way and that way by our ideas because we can recognize our ideas and a projections as a projections and so we can buy into them as far as its useful to us, but then we detach from it as soon as its not useful to us because we realize it’s just a projection.

So Here are some projections that unconscious projections causes, now again projections here is not the issue, it’s that we’re unaware of it, now the first one is inability for accurate perception which means that we can’t really receive wisdom, more insight and so we might make a lot of foolish accusations from it because we’re not really interacting with reality itself, we’re interacting with our ideas about reality.
So the second problem that unconscious projection causes is instability, so if we’re building our houses on an unsolid foundation and then you believe it’s a solid foundation this is going to leave our houses very susceptible to crumbling and falling, so likewise if we think of ourselves in terms of that house, what it is that if we believe that our projections into reality Is reality itself we’re going to think that we’re a lot more stable than we are but the problem is that what would end up happening is that the beliefs would come at us and different ideas that contradicts our worldviews would come at us and then, we have to like sort of shut down to repress away certain aspects of reality and so we leave ourselves upon to all kinds of neurosis and all kinds of potentials for breakdown ultimately.

Now the third problem with unconscious projections is that we tend to feel isolated or lonely very easily and again if everybody is projecting their ideas into reality, we’re also psychologically projecting into on another again, we’re but going to be able to have any sense of intimacy or connections with that other person because we’re only experiencing them through their intellect and the projections insulate us from an actual awareness of them.

And so this becomes a problem like I’ve mentioned earlier with the dog situation where you might believe that you’re thinking correctly about another person or maybe sometimes an animal but what it is is you’re just super imposing your own needs desires and unconscious background unto that person.

And o this tendency results in shallow relationships based only on attachments and codependency where the other person merely becomes intellect screens for our own subconscious need, insecurities, desires and fears.

So if we’re never realized that I’m projecting then we don’t realize that he’s projecting or she’s projecting unto us, we won’t realize why we never really feel seen by other people because we won’t necessarily feel seen by ourselves.
Now the fourth and last problems that I’m going to mention in this video on the unconscious projection is that we end up buying into a lot if irrational fears and not really realizing that our fears aren’t really grounded in reality.

So to give a reality relatable example that many of us maybe relate to as children is that a lot of times children would think that there’s a monster in the room with them or to go to sleep in a dark room alone.
Now this makes sense because ultimately we didn’t evoke in such a way that children should be sleepy alone in the dark or to a child there instinct still them alone plus dark equals I’m dead, and that’s Joe it would have being back then in the early days of humanity it was really only very recently that we started to sleep in out own bedroom.
Mostly families slept always in the same area, but in our culture it’s very common for children to sleep alone in their own bed and so often times what happens is that they start to get that fear that rises up triggering then flight or gift mechanism because they sense that they’re I’m dagger but they don’t necessarily know what the danger is and so they go into their imagination and they tap into the ancestral memory of all the children who have being abandoned in the wilderness, and have being torn limb from limb by various beast of the wild, and what happens is they start to get this images popping up then and then project unto reality and so the projection comes when they start to see things and claws and shifting tails and lots of fur and now they’ve projected this archetypal image of the monster into their realty because they know what they feel the fear of those children who were actually accustomed by various animals but not they’re seeing these creatures that are really just an imagination of all of these beast put tighter and this is why minsters are always similar to animals but they’re all very difficult because there’s essentially a Hodge podge of all the animals and sometimes even a Hodge podge of I’ll intentioned human beings that mix in with that which would also have being a danger back when we were living more in the wilderness that we’ve evoled for, so it’s really makes sense that so many children project the image of the monster under their bed because under the bed is a place where they’re not seeing under and Jr’s right beneath them, they feel vulnerable for some reason but if they can’t necessarily place why they feel vulnerable and so they project the image of the monster in relation to the feeling of and to make it more sense to them.

It’s like well, if I feel this way, if I feel like I’m going to be able to rip limbs from limbs by various beast then there must be some beast in here.
So this is the projections that comes from the subconscious mind of the child, it really taps into that universal ancestral memories that we have and if you’re familiar with the Jungian psychology it’s something that Jung talked about extensively from ancestral memo but this tendency to project those minsters under the bed isn’t just unique to childhood.

Adults have our own forms of monsters under the bed and we had to fund ourselves bring in things that are not true and things that drives us nuts about reality and leave us hung up on certain thing and so that’s like the equivalent of being monsters under the bed.
Maybe like fearing that were not worth anything or fearing that other people look upon us in such a way that invalidates us, and all these are not grounded into realty all of these fears are just like the flutter of the human mind being projected into realty, so how do we go about actually solving the problem of unconsciousness though projections.

Well the answer is quite simple, but I’m going to go a little bit more detailed in this but the answer is to simply make our projections more conscious to us, that way we can actually see when we’re doing it and we can start to see the realty that underlies those projections.

So here are the basic steps that can Help you become aware that you’re projecting the first one is to be able to separate out beliefs from reality itself and what you’ll find is that most of what we think we know about reality is just beliefs, our mental projections that we put over reality and we want to see what we’re actually seeing so we have to be directly in touch with what we’re experiencing right now in the present moment even if we didn’t have the capacity to create, perspectives over.

So let’s say we weren’t able to access and of our previous Knowledge about anything we weren’t able to access out memory to or over ability for reasoning and our mental faculties in the sense of our thoughts that come up in the mind where completely gone away and so we weren’t getting caught up in the thoughts of the mind and so we can focus on the six channels of experience.
One of which is thoughts and thought occurs as an actual experience but then there’s also the content with the thought and then we have their perception that are taken up but their sensors and so we have what we actually seeing, so try to see what you’re actually seeing beyond just what you believe about what you’re seeing.

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