Today we’re going to be talking about projections and becoming more aware,


but I want to tell you how we’re going to approach. This topic, so the first part of the article will be all about how awareness works and I’ll give you some personal anecdote and examples and towards the end of the article, I’ll actually be giving you a 5 step process to actually becoming aware of projection, so that we can actually see really for what it really is underneath those projections.

So what is projections, you might have heard of the concept of psychological projections, where a person basically projects unto others something that isn’t necessarily there, so let’s say that a person who’s doing the projecting has a certain thought process. That there always in and are always judging people in a certain way and then they get nervous because they’re afraid that other people are hiding from the same way and they’re sure that they are but they’re not really dude that it’s happening.

This is just a projection and this is an assumption based on some underlying tendencies that they have that they may not be aware of. And so this is true of psychological projections but psychological projections is just a really specific form of projection because projection is actually a lot mode broader in scope than that.

And so the way I define it, is the process by which human beings encode meaning into reality and so we have our intellect, our thoughts and then we have reality but there’s a disconnect between those two things because, reality inherently is empty of meaning in the sense of intellectual meaning until a human being comes along and encodes reality wit meaning for themselves and so its really the process by which human being super impose meaning and values into reality at large.

So when a person is projecting, it works a lot like the projections in the movies theater which is why it has its name, so you have the projections which has the image and then the screen that it’s projecting that Image to and so in this scenario recently itself is the screen and the projection is all the thought if the human intellect.

So before I continue with the article, I want to give you a sort of personal anecdote and I first realize that I was projecting things into reality that weren’t necessarily there so the first example was when I was 15 and I was in high school and I was taking an art course, there and when I first went in I didn’t really understand that what I was seeing and the thing that I was projecting into what I was seeing were two fundamentally different things and so, whenever I would go to the class and try to draw a table or something like that, I would kind of free though the projections of my idea of what a table is “oh well, a table has like a squared and it has legs coming out of it, and even I would sit of draw my symbolic understanding of what a table is, but when you’re actually looking at a table and you’re looking at your experience of your visual play table, and you’re looking at your experience of your visual play it depends on what perspective, you’re in and chances are its not going to look like anything that the symbol for take have in your mind because that symbol is just a projection into reality that makes it easier for us to function and so when I noticed that I was projecting things into reality I realized “oh my gosh” I’ve bejng living on this planet for 15 years and I’ve never seen a single thing in my life.

I’ve only being able to experience reality through my projections and into it and so once I realized that I learnt to be able to see what I was actually seeing and not just see what I was thinking or what my intellect was super imposing unto things and so it was like things became incredibly clear and once I realized that my art skills improved drastically because then I realized “oh my God, I know exactly what I’m supposed to be drawing, cause its right here in reality I don’t have to consult my mind, about It and all because the mind can give me symbols and things like that but if I actually look I can see reality for what it did and that was just mind blowing, it was almost like a mini enlightenment for myself cause it was like I could finally see.

Now during this scenario I didn’t realize really how deep the implications went about this phenomenon of sort projecting symbols over reality and projecting whatever understanding of thing over reality and so I just thought it was really cool.

In relation to be able to paint, draw and I could finally see things but what I didn’t realize really What the implications were for a personal relationship and it’s tendency toward projections and so I was actually 20 and having one of my experiences of ego transcendence was my second one.

So I was like in this house party with these guys, there was this cute little dog and they really loved this dog but they will always like sort of do the cute animals thing where they would sort of give the dog a voice and sort of become intimate with the dog and thinking like what the dog was into, but nothing really struck me as off about these because I saw them do it all the time, it just something that people tend to do with cute animals.

Now when I had the experience of ego transcendence I was witnessing then interacting with this dog in this way and I started to get really sad, like I thought that I first I was sad for the dog because I was doing this to the dog and then I realized that I’m not sad for the dog, the dog is fine but what’s sad is that these guys don’t know the dog at all, they just know they’re projection unto the dog you know and even though I’m sure if you would ask them like oh you know that this isn’t really how the dog’s personality is.

They would be Able to say “of course it not, but on some level they believed that the projections they were making into the dog were through the dog, and so they weren’t actually able to pick up on the dog’s personality which I we noticing St the time was actually quite differ from the thing they were projecting into her and so in experiencing the sorrow evolution that I was feeling and witnessing these guys interest with this dog and there being such a clear incongruent with the reality of the matter.
A bigger insight sort of swept over me and there was like this deep intuition that this is the problem with human relationships, this is what kept people sort of insulated from one another. It’s what keeps us an our own little Bubble and makes us isolated without connections because essentially human beings tendency for projects is so strong and so subtle as well that we often go around and we just live in our little idea bibles and they don’t really interact with one another.

And then we think around all these people and I have friends, so why do I feel so isolated, why is that I feel completely alone and the reason why they is because our ideas have super imposed into really making it impossible to see, our friends and family and especially put significant others for whom they actually are and so we’re only ever interacting with out thought surrounding that person and prospective into that person, so with this I want to make a distinction between two different types of projections, so I’ll call one subtle projections and the other gross projections.

So gross projections would be something like I had experience with the party where it was like apple to all of reality. So it’s essentially being able to look at reality and then everything is sort of seemily separate and you can label everything and so that’s a Door, a window, a tree and this type of projections is somewhat necessary in order to function properly, but the problem comes with more unconscious to them and makes us to where we’re actually insulated from our experience of our reality and thoughts about that reality, now the other one would be like subtle projections this is like psychological projections and it’s very particularize depending on who we’re interacting with and expectations and needs/ desires, would view and unconscious everything being projected into that person and if we don’t realize that’s happening what will happen is that we can really come up with different motivations that person her and we can also be insulated from our experience of relationship with that person.

So an example of a gross projections would be like calling a chair a chair and then an example of the subtle projections would be like projecting thoughts and intentions over person’s when they didn’t have these thoughts or intention, so you might wonder are you prospecting or am I projecting and the answer is yes, because everyone has to project fur practical purposes, So essentially projection exist for the being able to encode learning into something to make it functions for us so if we weren’t able to project unto reality or ideas or meanings, we won’t be able to make sense of what we need to do practically to get buy in life and so it would almost be like everyday or every moment you will be completely wiped out of all the things that you’ve learned about reality so you’d be like a new born in terms of what you know and you’ll look at a chair and say, “oh yes that’s a chair” I need to sit in that, although you don’t have any concept about what it was and so it allows us to take our past experiences and what we’ve learnt from our past experiences and be able to project things into our current reality in other that we can actually make wise decisions and be able to function.

so the first and foremost, projection is a form of meaning making and it allows us to use our intellect to create a mental model of reality so one example of this that I think will really show the practical value of being able to project meaning onto things is language, language itself us just a bunch of sounds if we weren’t able to project meaning into those sounds we wouldn’t be able to communicate and we wouldn’t be able to label things in a particular way in terms of having more complex Understanding through our intellectual lens, so let’s take the word horse for example, so the word horse doesn’t actually have anything to do with the animal that is a horse that’s just the sound and the letters that we use as a symbol for that animal, so where we hear someone say “oh I saw a horse” the other day, we know what they’re talking about if we have the ability to for language, I’ve would know anything that was going on, in that sentence they wouldn’t be able to communicate any of those concepts to us, but because we can project meaning to the language and because we can project meaning into the things that language describes, we can actually create comparing sentences and convey sentences in the complex way so even though projects has a negative connotation it’s important to realize that projections itself is quite neutral now the problem isn’t that we project unto reality that’s necessarily the problem when we project into reality.

And we’ve not realized that we’re projecting into reality what happens is that our tendency for projecting gets relegated to the shadow it gets repressed so that we’re not aware of it at all and then the tendency for projects sort of degenerates and become a lower form if itself but when we start projecting things that yield more results in life and make us less conscious of things in general.

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