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Today I’m going to talk about some renowned books that are very popular but I don’t like them, those of you guys following my blog you might have known that I wrote an article just like this last year, and I. Talked about my least favorite book series that are very popular in general but I don’t just personally like them and since it’s a goof amount of time has passed since them and I’ve read quite a few more books and I’ve disliked some more popular books lately in now have a list of books to share with you all.


I mentioned this In the other article before and I really liked writing this article from time to time because of the content I write on, I usually talk about books that I love but from time to time its nice to be able to rant about books that I really don’t like. So without any further ask, let’s talk about some of the popular books that I don’t like.

The first books I want to mention today is: An enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson, This was a 2017 debut Novel that takes place in thus fantasy world where fans exist and we have like fans and fairies exist and then there’s this human girl who is an artist and her job is to paint portraits for different fairies, One day she ends up meaning thus fay name autumn prince and the Two of them ends up Developing relationships and falling in love as you can tell.

But was really excited to read this book because I really liked fairies and the whole fairy court thing and that was my favorite thing to read about and I don’t get to see many of them that I really like so I was really excited when I heard about this debut and I could not wait to read it, and then there was a ton of hype surrounding it, so many people were talking about it. So many people who have gotten advanced copies were reading it and loving it and giving reviews, so I was really excited to read this book and I had high hopes coming into it.

So objectively I could say that in part of my expectations of this books definitely contributed to my dislike of this book but honestly I don’t really think it was really the hype for this one that got to me, it was not that great part of the problem of this boom is that it’s extremely short.

It’s about 300 pages so it does not give the shirt much time to develop nor the characters and everything just happens way too quickly and because of that the plot and the characters are almost forgettable, our main character doesn’t have much of a personality, The love interest doesn’t have much of a personality, the love interest doesn’t have much of a personality, they’re basically interchangeable for any other male female protagonist and the love interest for me wasn’t original and nothing About their romance felt unique not to mention their Romance wasn’t really tuning for me, it was a super instant love and nothing had time to develop, nothing felt new or fresh.

Nothing even felt like the old troops that I enjoy reading like they were so blunt and it wasn’t like angry to the part were it was enjoyable it was just so ultimately this was a big let down for me, cause I really want to love it and like I said it got so many hypes so many people loved it. I hadn’t seen a single negative reviews of it until I read it, but I’m so disappointed that this one wasn’t enjoyable for me.

The next book on my list is one that’s on a very new release and everyone has being loving recently and I mean everyone, the thing is that I didn’t hate it and I just didn’t love the book, and the title of the book is the cruel prince by Holly black.

I have not seen a single person that gives this book anything less than 4 stars and I just don’t understand. If you don’t understand what the book is all about it follows the story of Jude twin sister as well as her older sister who are one day kidnapped by thus fairy Be brought from the human world into the fairy world.

Jude’s older sister is actually half fairy herself, but Jude and her twin sisters are both human and also trying to adapt, there’s also romance in here and a lot of politics with the fairy world and it sounded with something like I would really enjoy, I actually started reading it months before it comes out because I had an advance copy and I read the first 30 to 40 pages and I really enjoyed what I read but then I put it down cause I don’t have time to finish it.

So after the book come out and after every of these reaches cane out and they were all giving it these fantastic reverence, so I decided to pick it up again and finish it, hoping to like it but unfortunately give this book 3 out of 5 stars and part of me wants to change that a little bit because it might just bump it down to 2.5 not positive.

I didn’t hate the book like I said “there was nothing which was glaring wrong about this book it just wasn’t very interesting to me.
Jude the main protagonist was meant to be a bad narrator, we’re not surprised to like her, she’s untrustworthy, she’s pretty manipulative and she’s not a very good person that is obviously the intention with her character.

Holly black wrote her to be that way, which I do actually enjoy, I really tend to enjoy unlikable characters but for some reason I just didn’t click with Jude.

I think my main problem with her as a character was that she’s just this human girl whose trying to work her way up through the fairy ranks and it doesn’t really make sense to me, how this human person who really has nothing going for her, she doesn’t compare to fairies and then she’s able to manipulate her way up, I just don’t really understand how she did that, I was kind if oppose to kind of having a human character do that, it’s just that with Jude specifically there was nothing good or special about Her that made her able to do that.

So I just don’t really get why that was her goal and also with what I don’t understand her motivation also I don’t like the Romance that were in here, it felt kind of forced to me, I only liked Jude’s older sister as a character maybe, everyone else was kind if boring flat or annoying to me and as someone who usually like politics of fantasy world, I just didn’t care about the politics of this fairy world, like I didn’t care who worked to be the next king, it didn’t matter to me at all, like I had no Idea what was going on for the most part and that’s because I wanted to love this book and this one I can say for sure that the hype definitely got to me and it definitely played into my expectations of this.

Had the hype not being there when I read it months before it came out, I probably would have enjoyed this book more, I would have cared about the characters a little bit more bit I didn’t think I would see myself giving this book anything more than 3 Stars.

So I’m just really disappointed because I was expecting to love this one and it was very sad that I didn’t but until this one I can definitely admit that I can see why other people do like it but for me personally I didn’t fund anything special in it and it didn’t stand out to me in any way.

The next book is 13 reasons why by Jay Ashley so as I mentioned earlier I had no intention of reading this book because it was on the syllabus for one of the classes that I took this semester and so I read it for that and I had already seen the TV show so I knew what the basic story was about and u heard for the most part for some people that enjoyed the book more and I had to agree, there are things about this book that I definitely like better than the show.

I feel like most people know what this book is all about but if you don’t know, it’s about this girl named Hannah baker who commits suicide and then she leaves this 13 takes behind kind if explaining why she committed suicide.
Obviously it’s an interesting topic, it deals with a very important issue but my biggest problem with the book is that I don’t like the way it handled the topic of suicide, it’s a story that’s trying to take both suicide and bullying but it doesn’t really connect them in a way that makes sense, it kind of blames Hannah’s suicide in the fact that she was bullied and then puts the blame on the people who bullied her and so it blames them. A lot but you can’t just go around saying thing like that.

When people encourage you to read certain books and these are some of the books that people persuade me to read, so now before we do that let’s talk about what I was hoping to read this week.

This week was kind of an interesting reading for me, because it would count towards my other weeks books and I cut off my reading year at the end of the week, so without further delay let’s list them.

The next book I would encourage is 10 blind dates by Ashely elston, I’ve been saving this for Christmas and I can’t wait to get to it because it sounds like the set up for an amazing book, It was set over a Christmas break and it follows the main character who has just been through a breakup, she thought that she was going to spend the Christmas season with her boyfriend and then he ends up breaking up with her and she’s like “wish, that’s not happening, so she goes to visit her extended family and her grandma comes up with the plan where they’re all going to plan out these 10 blind dates for her so over the course of Christmas break, she’s going to be going on all these dates that have been planned by her loved ones.

One of them is like she has to play Mary and it just sound recipe for but also so much Christmas spirit, this is probably going to be the first book that I gave picked up this December, because I’m just so excited for it.
Now the next is one day at December by Jose silver, now this book is basically a love at first sight scene on a snowy day in December and the main character makes it her mission to try and find this guy because she literally just saw him at a bus stop, and the bus was leaving so, she never actually get to talk to him and she ends up unexpectedly re-uniting with him but that is because one of her best friends introduces him as her boyfriend.

So I know this deals with a pretty large period of time and I go to believe it’s all set at Christmas time either and I’m kind of getting the love Rudy scene and I know it’s because well Cecilia Eric.
And I just walked the movie recently and I really enjoyed it and it’s also like so critsby and I think this is what it’s going to be.
Because it just all of caring and all of that stuff and even though it’s not all set in December, they do meet in December and they ended up remembering at a Christmas party so it’s still feels appropriate for the much.

next is hidden see by Gregory McGuire and he is the author of wicked, which I haven’t read the book but I have seen the music, comments and I love it so much and he also wrote after Alice. Which was alive in wonderland retelling and I love that one, and this is a nutcracker retelling.

So, Gregory McGuire actually specializes in retelling and I don’t think I’ve seen any book by him that isn’t a retelling.

But I actually read the nutcracker by E. T human, last year and I kind of went to get an illustrated copy of it because I fell like I would have enjoyed it more if I had some illustrations or visual elements attached to it just because I’m used to the ballet, so I’m used to seeing the story and breathing UT was a little bit bored.

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