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Now we’re all familiar with the stories of the clash between good and evil where we gave the common archetypes of the hero and the villain, and we have the good guys and the bad guys and we want the good guys to win and we want the bad guys to loose and get what’s coming to them.


And normally these stories end with the good vanquishing evil, so the good prevails and the evil is being destroyed or subdued in some way. S9 because the themes of hoof and evil is such a ubiquitous throughout literature moves, in myths almost everywhere you look. It then raises the question whether evil actually exist and to that question the answer is yes and no.

The answer is no in a sense they evil is not really a quality, this means, evil in the sense is only a subjectively derived judgement that is part of a practical intellectual framework that human beings. Overlay onto reality in order to contextualize destructive actions, but really is 100% empty of evil as a tangible quality if we remove all human framework from it. Like you can’t identify person and that person is evil and have that be inherently true about them even if they really terrible destructive actions or you can’t look at an action even if it isn’t terribly destructive for violent actions, say that action was evil and has that evil be something that you can point directly to as a quality that can be probable evil, so in the sense of the external world, the evil doesn’t really exist.

Now despite the fact that the world is inherently empty of evil, just as the world is inherently empty of good, it doesn’t mean that we can’t use good and evil as practical labels for determining which actors are beneficial and which actions are detrimental.

More so it just means that by becoming aware that reality is Ryan empty of those qualities of goods and evil. Those are just things that happens in our minds.

But relative to the question or not whether evil exist, there’s also a yes component to it existing because it doesn’t really exist out here in reality, inherently as a quality nut it doesn’t exist in every human beings as a very destructive urge and the sane goes with good.

Good also exist within as this almost creative passionate urge, so everyone has these two urges inside of us, now despite the fact that we have both a good drive and an drive most people are really only aware of their own goodness. It’s a good voice plus a bunch of emotions and urges that are also towards goodness and then the evil voice is a voice and thought and a bunch of evil urges towards destructive actions.

And so basically if you would imagine those two clumps of thoughts and actions free floating out of space and just clashing into one another and kind of conflicting against one another, that was what I was experiencing when I had zoomed out from who but imagine that I had spent all of my time, in that huge chunk of very loud and volatile voices of good and those urges of good.

So I was in that pile of thoughts and urges and so I couldn’t see anything else, in my internal space here, now what happens was that I became detached from my ego and thus detached from that good voice and I could see the other voices going at the same kind, so they were like clashing and there was this kind of energy between the two that was really magical and life giving.

Normally if I had heard the evil voice or had those urges, I would feel very disconcerted, but I was so detached from the situation that I didn’t really feel like it meant anything to me.

It was almost as though, I was literally just a presence floating around in out of space completely having nothing to do with either of those two things and just watching it almost like watching a distant star explode certainly a chaotic thing, certainly it was a huge energetic occurrence nothing meant anything about me and so it was like just a completely impersonal phenomenon.

Now because I was completely detached from the good and the evil voice I was able to reintegrate them fully into my consciousness and there was this sense of oneness that I got that I was not experiencing because I was trying so hard to ignore my evil side and to not realize that it was there.

But even in integrating the evil side, it wasn’t like I had any desire to listen to that evil voice and to act upon those evil urges and so I saw them as very much separate from my self, it was almost like I was this free floating awareness watching some natural phenomenon from a very far away and a sake distance but in watching the good voices and the evil voice trying to win me over which is really what it was trying to do, trying to win the ego over and that’s the good voices and the evil voice for, but because I was watching from a distance neither of those voices had any pills over my actions, it’s basically able to have a higher advantage point to watch them both and to truly love them both as part of myself I had a sense of complete and total gratitude that this was going on inside of me, and I was going emotionally stretched out in many different directions that I had being completely unconscious to before.


So I was far way to hear a much quieter and much subtler voice, which is the voice of the divine wisdom and it was in that time that I knew an I already knew about the thing that indeed to know and I always had and I always would, but I also wasn’t attached to the voice of the divine wisdom either.

I just knew it would always be there if I needed it but I didn’t have any urge to get attached to it to dive deeply into it, it was just there and I was happy that it was there, and I loved the voice too.

Now this sounds like it would really be a fantastical experience and in a sense it was I really loved deeply and I was aware of so much more but at the same time I would really call in a mundane, experience because there was nothing really going on our here in the world that was that much different it was just a lot more aware of what was going on inside.

Now back to the question of whether or not evil exist our here, because some people might say there’s definitely evil people and there’s definitely evil actions, well in a sense there’s an aspect of it that’s true but mostly no again, evil is not something out here that you can point to as inherently so, as in internal experience.


You can point to the internal drive and you can recognize it as an experience of thoughts and emotions but you can’t necessarily point to anything out here in reality that I’d inherently evil in the sane way however there are people who are influenced by the evil drive and there are actions out here that are influenced by the evil doesn’t come from people who are identified and aware of the evil drive because most of those actions comes more from people who believe that they’re doing the right thing, and who have never even considered the fact that they could be the bad guys.

This is because when people are unconscious to their evil drive and unconscious to any other aspects of the world, other than their internal world it becomes relegated to the shadow and from the shadow it can take control without the person realizing it.

Now although people from the outside will have and will notice it right away as the same aspect problem but the person would have a complete blind spot to the GA t that the evil drive gas taken what’s now.

there few exceptions, and there are some people who really relish in evil like a very good example that pops my mind is Chris, in just gets the personality that his personality is just seeing him and various interviews and knowing what he did he seems like the type that actually identify himself with the ego drive but even in that there would be a drive, like he probably maybe would see like, the good drive is hug because everyone is pretending with the good drive so I’m going to be more interesting and go with the evil drive.

And it’s actually the good drive that’s bad, and the bad drive that’s good, so people kind of flip their idea of what’s bad relative to what’s good and evil. Because they could think that evil is more interesting or more compelling so they can now rather extreme example of somebody who believes themselves to be good but actually us heavily influenced by the evil drive, would be somebody like a mass murderer.

Somebody who goes in and shoots up a school or a public place, now a lot if time people like this feel the world has being cruel to then and that the world is wrong and evil and bad, and so they point their fingers at everybody out there and say you guys are evil, and in the good one.

So because I’ve experienced cruelty this justifies my overall actions because I’m seeking to average myself for all these wring doings against me and because it was all everybody else agsinstcme the good guy and you get the bad Guys.

I’m the good guy vanquishing evil out there by shooting people up, and so the person might genuinely believe that they’re the God hugs and acting as a good person but clearly because they’re unconscious of their evil drive, the evil drive slips right in and then they believe that they’re not even evil. At all, they believe that they’re justified in what they’re doing.

So let’s take someone like Hitler who is a symbol of evil in collective consciousness, now if you think about things from his perspectives, he thought that the ocean race where the good guys and that everybody that wasn’t of the race, the Jews, or anybody who even deviated from that norm.

He thought of them as the bad guys the evil guys and so in his head he was the good guy trying to vanquish evil, so that good can triumph over evil, and so he’s playing out that archetypal story where he is the good guy and the people that he doesn’t like are the bad guys.

Now of course we have detachment from his entire mindset and the entire mindset of the Nazi regime, so we can clearly see that it was destructive and evil drive but at the same time he was too close to it and so, he probably believed himself to be a good person and so this is probably why there of good ‘s evil and good vanquishing evil exist.
It is the ego story of the perceived good vanquishing the perceived evil but this not a good story to tell the telling about the integration because both the good and evil have to be integrated IN order for us to truly become detached from both and then the subtle voice of wisdom.

And when you’re mane the evil voice unconscious it wants to disguise itself as the good voice and that becomes the problem of painting fingers at other people out here and singing oh there evil and tat person is evil , oh thus group of people are evil.

It doesn’t matter how much of that group is influenced by the evil drive and how much that person is destructive or if there’s a mass murder pointing your finger at other people ahdvsaying these are the evil ones those that have evil in them.

And we’re the good hugs over here the problem with that is that your evil drive is out of your sight and it’s doing things in the background that you’re not aware of, do don’t take a lot time pointing out who’s the bad guy you want to actually ask the question “I’m the bad guy” that’s the most valuable question that you can ask relatively to the question if good evil.

So I was playing put men with my kind of while back so it was then I invited to me after years and years of playing the game that pac man is actually the bad guy of the game, likes he’s going into the ghost house and eating all of their food and turning them blue, and Eaton them but they didn’t go to his house.

So maybe pax man is actually the bad guy of the game and I’ve never considered it before, even thought it’s a silly example but I was so certain the whole entire time that pac man was the good guy because I knew that I was playing a game bases upon the archetypal story of good guys versus bad guys.

If I were less conscious in life of the fact that life doesn’t function like that archetypal story and doesn’t really have a good guy versus bad guy set up.

I may have never thought to consider the question, am. I the bad guy I would have concluded that if it was obvious that I’m the good guy and never given it a second thought.

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