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Ultimately what we’re looking for here is to create a Channel between the lower nature and the higher nature to that they can both be fresh and both be integrated, but there’s some barriers to this integration of the lower nature and the higher nature that really needs to be addressed in other to make how to successfully integrate them.


Now I’m going to talk about the barriers for the lower nature, first because a lot of the ones that has to so with the higher nature directly related back to it, so I’m going to start with that.

So the first main barrister to the Integration of the lower nature, would be the direct repression of the lower nature, so repressing the emotions and instincts, so I’m going to quote Carl Jung here “too much of the animals disfigured the civilized human being, too much culture makes a sick animal”.


Now again we have a huge history of demoralizing the lower nature and looking down upon it, like I’ve mentioned before, you know in the father/God religion where we saw earthiness as being quite negative and so we would look at aspects of our lower nature like our instincts and like our emotions and the way that they responds to that is just to say that “oh that’s a sin” let’s get rid of that or repress that down, we don’t want to see that and ultimately things are a lot better today with that because our society can ultimately be open enough to handle those things, it’s not going to make our

society come apart but there’s still a subtle attitudes that still hang out to this day and you can see this when people down on the body look down on sexuality or look down on the emotions as being a weakness or they value the mind over the body or the mind over the emotions.

So this are really Clear signs that there’s an issue going on, now because we’ve had such an anti instincts sort of mentality for thousands of years, there’s also the back lash to that, so there’s of course nowadays if we’re far in the other direction as well but it’s not really balanced out on one hand we have extreme repressions of the sexual nature and of the Instinctal nature, and then we have the exact opposite as the reaction against it, so we have it imbalanced in both directions and as a reaction to one another.


Now it happens when we lose our comedian to the lower nature, we become listed because we lose our power source and become very low energized and we get kind of lazy, just like I sad before.


The majority of our power comes form our lower nature and so if we don’t have a connection to one another, ultimately this is really like squeezing thing really tight to where we can’t get any of that libidinal energy to be transmuted upwards.

So ultimately a person who repress the lower nature will be experiencing a lack of will power, lack of passion, lack of direction in life and just I wouldn’t be really tenacious enough to hold on and to actually reach their goals, people who are out of touch with the Lower nature also might bet repressed and also might start repressing their sexuality as well.

Now on the other side of the house instead of having repression of the lower nature, we have obsession with the lower nature and this is something that I experienced personally, whenever you can build up libidinal energy in the lower nature and you can accept it, that’s there, but you have a hard time bringing it upward to be used in the higher faculty, so basically what happened is that prior to my awakening experiences I was basically a walking ball of will power.


So essentially if I had a goal, I could always achieve it and I was always working really hard and I was really into skill building and making sure that I was like the most optimal person and you know when, I think as a teenager it was also really important for me to do that you know, all these self building exercise and then when I had my awakening experiences and I saw beyond ego and I wasn’t able to live to myself any longer it became very clear to me that I was using that sort of will power to sort of cover up a lot of pain that I had but then also in not having those tendencies I was able to sort of tap into other things like my instinctual self, so I felt very connected to my more animal nature as much as I came out of that experience I thought that the reason why I was in so much pain and repressing so much was because I was doing all of these skill building thing and I thought, if I can just stop doing that maybe I cab be back in that state again and so what I did was instead of actually transmuting that energy upwards, what I did was I closed off the possibility of that energy coming out though those self building exercises so if I was going to assign it to a chakra, it would be the solar plexus chakra.

All very concerned about self building but ultimately I had repressed that away so if I had to come out in even lower chakra ways so the seventh Chaka which was very geared towards sexuality and the root chakra which was geared towards survival and after that point I was having a lot of issues with poverty in my life and I was also like having a lot if dysfunction sexuality things coming up, so I think a lot of people have this same problem and I caught getting low, so ultimately all of that libidinal energy that you have is not able to actually travel upward where higher means, so like it feels like thus lower energy are the only way for you to get fulfillment and gratification on their own.

They’re but just fulfilling or satisfying, so again it becomes a matter of being able to have the correct relationship, so again it becomes a matter of being able to have the correct relationship to the lower nature and the libidinal energy that it has because otherwise you could very easily go into the opposite direction of progress because sometimes this things work in sort of unusual ways, so ultimately what I was experiencing during those experience ego transcendence.

I was experiencing love and all these hughe4 nature thing inside and the connection to the divine, and so I thought let me not do that self thing and so with me blocking that off I basically cut off any kind of channel for that lower nature. I mean the libidinal energy of the lower nature to travel in the upward direction.

So it’s very important to get the proper relationship to the lower nature to for someone who doesn’t have the right relationship to this lower nature, they can be all kinds of weird dysfunction that come off like weird sexual dysfunction and various other kind of hang-ups or you can even have trouble with money because you feel like things are a little more scarce.

Now the one thing that I see really with regard to obsession with the lower nature is that there’s toward those this and you can’t bring that energy upward that’s where you’re going to put your focus at, so what I think is going to be the most positive for those guys, in that situation and it’s ultimately to start those self building exercise you know and not necessarily based around your lower nature but something that takes that’s sane energy and build something else from it.
Bit women fall into it too, like I said I fell into it as well as one if the WATS that it manifested for me was just like I started to define my value only in relation to my sexuality and it became like a really huge problem because like all of the stuff about me that was individualistic and also of those kind of self related things because I was repressing those it’s like that’s what I defaulted to like having my sexuality being my value.

Also it tends to produce a very low level of sexuality where it’s basically like the main thing is using sexuality to get validated of your own exercise in the world and that can become very unhealthy.

So it’s really more of a legislation of sexuality than the actual genuine healthy sexuality, I personally called it getting stuck lower or getting stuck in the beautiful nasty place because in some senses it’s beautiful but because it had that passion to it, it has all that energy and it’s exiting and you know the thing us that it can be comfortable staying because there’s that pleasure but there’s also pain.

Because it’s also very daring to stay low with it, and also you can very easily get stuck there and get comfortable. Now it has what I would call rapid Tobit like if you’re ever taken a shower that was nice and refreshing when you get in and it feels like a relief but then you sent too long in the hot water and then you just feel yucky after a while. That’s kind of how the beautiful nasty place you’re getting stuck low in life, you feel that’s kind of doing feeling, but either way whether the libidinal energy is a Lower nature is being repressed so that the libidinal energy can’t go upward or your having the libidinal energy and you’re hopefully in touch with it, so you’re not going anywhere upward either way it’s an issue of repression but whether you’re taking about the repression of the lower nature or an obsession with the lower nature.

Ultimately what happens is that it produces dysfunction because that libidinal energy can actually flow upward toward the higher nature.
Now you might wonder, why this happens in the first place and I think specifically with the lower nature what happened is that ultimately you’re seeking for something from the Lower nature, after you’re seeking to repress the lower nature way so you can think of your self as a good person and maybe if you live in a more religious society than you can call God to see you as a good person, you know basically being the good little boy/girl kind of idea.

Or what you’re seeking for in the obsession with the libidinal energy you’re looking for some kind of free work, some kind of ecstasy of some kind but ultimately when you’re searching for this in the lower nature, what you’re really searching for this in the lower nature What you’re really searching for is the connection to the divine, so it’s ultimately like a misplaced seeking of enlightenment.

There was an quite that I heard recently, and I thought it was a really interesting one and it really mirrored my experience with what I had my ego transcendence. So the idea is even when a man goes knocking off the down what he’s really seeking is God, it’s that idea that in lying to repress the lower nature, there’s a seeking for God wanted to see him like good in the eyes of God. And then there’s also seeking for the ecstasy and the transcendence that the lower nature seems to be able to provide, so again it’s misplaced seeking that happened.

But whether you’re seeking liberation through some ecstatic experience of the lower nature or through overcoming the lower nature. Ultimately what you’re going to find is the going to end up like Mario game level, where they tell you oh the princess is in another castle.

So ultimately it can’t really be doing either of those ways, so it’s letting go of the attachment that you can find what you’re looking for in those things would Help Release that attachment and helps you get a hit if an arms length away from it.
Those are also two main problems that I can see with being in touch with the higher Marie and this have actually riff of the problems with the Lower nature because they kind of work in an inverse sort of way.

So one of the main barriers to the higher nature is just not building up the higher nature, so ultimately when it comes to the higher nature there’s no upper limit to how High you can actually develop it so ultimately the higher nature can accept an all the way up the divine that’s why it’s such a unique thing to be a human because the human nature cab keep developing ourselves and developing ourselves and that’s why we have these concepts like self-actualization but in other to really get your fullest stars of the higher nature, you gave to do inner work as well as outer work,
Like you have to really work on what’s going on inside here and work on integration and start questioning things and our here you actually build yourself strong foundation.
So you actually have to learn it, build it yourself and create good habits and also the main barriers here to doing that is actually laziness and listness and apathy and of course form when I was talking about the repression of the lower nature, that’s what will happen if you can’t bring that libidinal energy up from the lower nature where they’ll be repressed and stalk down in the lower nature, you’re not going to be able to bring it up to the higher nature and actually be able to use it for the things you need to use.

So for you to actually build up your higher nature, and ultimately for someone is stuck in the lower nature, a lot of people are stuck in the lower nature and closed with it, what will happen is they’ll get into certain things that’ll addictive like things that’ll gave like basic instant gratification.

Like over eating too much porn or too much sex or much of something, so basically anything taking to an addiction level Is what people who are second in obsession with the lower nature might end up in.
So it becomes very different that you’re not spending all of your libidinal energy on those things and you’re not actually using it for ways to better yourself through the hierarchy.

If I think back on the example I gave you earlier , I used to be a will power machine, believe I had by experience with ego transcendence and decided to repress it but now I still have an issue with will power but the problem is if you get some of that energy stuck low yore not going to be able to really out as much of it toward your endeavors, now one thing I want to mention before I go further I’ve talked about making sure that you express your lower nature on high.
Now I’m not saying that you need to necessarily have to be selling it with this can be positive thing especially if you do it in moderation and with somebody you really care about..



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