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So this article will be based on what synchronicity is.


And go its generally being used and in my next article, I’m going to make a more article about how to use synchronicity and some examples, so that way you’ll get 2 articles on synchronicity.

So at this point, you may be asking, what is a synchronicity, basically its an event that occurs out here in the external world in the external landscapes, so our thoughts, our feelings and our dreams are Connected to it.

And so there’s almost like a psychic link between what’s going on internally and externally, and this happens without any kind of casual relationship meaning that you’re not actually doing anything to make those events transpire and it also happens beyond our pure probable chance either its so specific that it couldn’t possibly be anything but a synchronicity or it happens so many times, that there has to be some kind of significance to it, so an example of synchronicity would be if you keep seeing the same thing over and over again, or if you dream something and it happens even in a sense of Déjà vu can be considered a synchronicity, or you might be going through particular struggles or have a certain theme in your life going on and then you see various representatives of that theme in different forms.


Like you’ll read insights in a book about it, or you’ll be watching a video and the main character around would be going through some kind of struggles or your friends would happen to maintain some kind of thing that relates back to that.

Or we may even notice that we have a particular kind of conflict that seems to be playing out in all the world stages and in general sense, so you’ll describe synchronicity as something that happens as a reflection of our internal experience out in the external world. And this is meant to help us face things that we normally wouldn’t face like things that are being relegated to our shadows and even unrealized potentials.
So synchronicities can Help us with our inner work and it can hell yes each and reintegrate aspects of ourselves that are now unconscious to us, and it can also leave the way toward what we actually really want if we’re the type of person that has a hard time finding clarity about what we actually want to go forward and what we want to do with our lives.

A synchronicity can actually Help point the way if we’re unable to read them correctly so its kind of like if you think about life moving like a steam it just like that, so its like an invitation, an inlet into that stream that enables us to flow with it.

So I’m going to give you an example of a synchronicity that Jung himself experienced and this was when he was in ascension with a woman, who has an overinflated animus and basically she was very logical and very rational, and also resistant to anything of the unconscious because her mind basically was on the set track and she couldn’t really just think outside of those balance and so she was very resistant to facing anything that stems beyond her ideas of how things already were, and so she came to him and she was talking about this dream of being given a golden syrup and they were discussing the dream and then all of a sudden at the window there was like a Big Bang into it and so Carl Jung went over to the window and he found that there was this beetle like bug that looked like a golden syrup and then he grabbed the bug and showed it to the woman and asked is this the golden syrup?

And the woman said it is and looked exactly like the bug from her dream, and so she couldn’t explain it any other way why a bug wouldn’t normally be in that area of the world suddenly shows up when they’re discussing it and so this enabled her to open her mind a little but more so that when there able to continue on with the journey and actually be more successful, now you may look at the situation and say like well, what does a golden syrup has to do with anything like, how does the presence of golden syrup affect anything, certainly it’s a strange co-incidence and you can even say it’s a synchronicity but how do these synchronicity actual help us grow.

so its important to know that synchronicity is often operated through the lens of archetypal meaning, so where the aspect of an individual internal experience or perhaps even the collective unconscious may represent itself out in the world as various symbols and so what an archetypal is, basically a common symbol, pattern, or image that can be recognized with and across culture as having similar meanings and these meanings come from the collective unconscious that we all have as human beings.

So archetypal speaking, that syrup represent life and death and so its kind of a symbol of rebirth, so of we think about rebirth in a more general sense and think abut what those women needs was to Dow it’s was actually to descend into the unconscious and to face her shadow and to come back born renew and more whole than before and that in a sense is a kind of rebirth and so because that bug brandished itself as a synchronicity Jung could use that as a kind of treatment and she was able to come along with it because she saw clearer that there was sign or a message in the external world, and that was what she needed to do, now I personally experience synchronicity kind often and NY daughter has being experiencing them quite a bit recently and thus was kind of a funny situation where I went into the bedroom and I was getting her some pajamas from the drawer and so I called her name.

This was a little synchronistic because if we wanted to actually look at that synchronicity and say what is it trying to tell us, we can look at maybe symbolically what spiders have meant archetypal, we can look at various myth like the myth of grand mother spiders, from some native American folklore and we can look various other representation of spiders throughout mythology and then say what ate these symbols generally mean across cultures.
There are also various other people who have also Down this kind of map thing in relation to Jung’s work As so I think it’s very important to know what these symbols tend to mean so that we can read them properly also it’s impotent to know that throughout the ages there have a more predictable way and to be able to use archetypal images and to be able to get more clarity about ourselves and maybe like which direction we need to personally reintegrate with.

Now one of these systems is the terrol now the terrol is intuition and its related with all these archetypal images and it assumes a sense of synchronicity to the cards that are draws and its these non card relationships because the terror reads is not actually consciously which carts to put out and so there’s this non causal relationship where synchronicity and archetypal images, so if there’s a terrol reading, you’re reading the one Terrol and you draw some specific cards then you can see that there’s a kind of a story behind various cards that are drawn, so you can take those archetypal symbols and link then together and see what that relationship is, and it can be used as a tool and a vehicle for the intuition, to be able to go to places where you wouldn’t go otherwise.

So often times people think of the terrol as being something you need or an actual class to read them properly, now I’m certain that it can Help but its cleanable but I think of it more as a tool for the intuition that anybody could really use.

And another such system is like the icing and the angel cards and anything that gas like a non-casual relationship and works of like you know a symbolic meaning, and so I think that using this great tool for inner exploration, now of curse you don’t necessity need to use one of these systems because synchronicity happens in life and so.

In a sense life can be your own deck of terrol cards if you look for example like with the spider situation with my daughter, there’s a spider where she kinds of almost predicted without predicting that it was going to be there and so kind of being able to look at that and sat well does that have an archetypal typal meaning that can be to life, so in relation to use the synchronistic archetypal symbols in this way, it can also be used for shadow work as I’ve mentioned before in my previous articles but I want to go into this a little but more indebt, so first I want to talk about what the shadow is: so the shadow is basically all of the aspects of our self’s that we don’t want to have associated with our identity and our ego and so what happens is various traumas and limiting beliefs are adapted fur just through out the course of time we decide that certain aspects of our lives are not valid, then we relegate them down to the shadow and so we lose conscious awareness of what those things are and it’s almost like they’re individual Little person that’s is also us, down in the shadow and then its trying their best to be integrated IN which ever way they know how and because there’s that barriers upon consciousness there,
it can actually project our into reality in the form of either a genuine synchronicity or a pure psychological projection and where we’ve just seeing things associated with that and we see things a certain way because we have a filter on.

So these prospection both synchronistic and psychological ate both kind of a map to lead us inward so that we can actually explore ourselves and so for example, if we find we’ve having issues with our emotional states while common archetypal symbols for the emotions is large bodies of water, so let’s say if we keep having the same dream about drowning or you know like maybe there a huge tsunami or something coming in your dreams and these dreams happen over and over again, it could be that these is trying to lead us back in toward our emotional state so that we actually notice those things.

So in terms of what to do, you want to first familiarize yourself with what archetypal symbols generally means and there’s a lot of Jungian authors that have created various dreams symbols, distractions of archetypal symbols or you can look across Various myth and see if there are similar meaning to particular symbols then from there you want to keep almost like a journal of various symbols.

That continue to come up and things that feel synchronistic to use and then what you can do is you can sort if mine then for archetypal meaning and write down the general archetypal meaning if that and then you also look at your personal association with that thing and then you take your personal meanings and archetypal meanings of those associations and see if they sort of firm a coercive story a coercive message then ice you get those stories or messages then you can look at your own internal state and see if any of those resonate with you and if any of it really feels like is something that you should explore deeper,


and then if you happen to be at a particular fork in the road because often times synchronicity brandish themselves as various forms in the roads, where you have to make a particular decision then you can apply that meaning to whatever decision you decide to make and then that was you’re more likely to go in a lot of what you actually want and what you actually need because you have something of your debt that actual reach out to which direction you can go.

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