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Today I’m going to be talking about the inspirational books


I might finally get to read because I can’t leave the house, originally my thoughts for the article was that I had like 10 books but then as I was going around the house to grab the books, I ended up with a stack of them.

So the first book on my list are a pile of fairy tales, I started reading through the grimes fairy tales and Jon’s Kristen Anderson fairy tale.

But I never ended up finishing the inspirational but I was actually reading the new editions that I have these are the beins and noble editions.


I also have fairy tale from around the world by Andrew Kai, basically there’s so many fairy tales that I’m familiar with that I hear about on a day to day basis, but I’m stressed with Disney so obviously I know a fair amount of fairy tales and there’s a lot of them that I haven’t read the originals or a lot of them that are kind of obscure that I haven’t read the originals or a lot if them that I haven’t even heard of. So what better time to catch up on all of them and increase my repertoire of fairy take knowledge.

Something that intimidates me quite a bit is Russian authors, they write big book and I’ve got two of them on my list, both by Leo thust, and the first book is ana krane which I think it’s the one that I basically want to read, I’m very intrigued by it and I don’t know anything about the plot line but I know there’s a retelling that came out recently called Anna Kay, and my friend read it and enjoyed it and pretty bad similar cases with the inspirational fictions and things like that.
So I trust her opinions and I’m very intrigued by that book but I also kind of want to read the original ana kray at first it’s one of those bucket list books that so big but I do want to read.

And also Warren peace is definitely a bucket list book, with a very small font and the pages are 800, this is the type of book that I might have to go audio for and maybe follow along as I’m listening to it, but I think now’s the time to get to these chunky Russian novels, now that I have a lot of free time on me now.

Obviously I know that’s a generalization, because I know a lot of people who are busier now than ever especially those who are working on the front lines of these and I sincerely appreciate it. But I’m obviously generalizing fit those of us who do have more free time and those who don’t I’m really sorry and thank you for working so hard.

The next on my list are a couple of books that are both by one author and this is an author that I’ve actually read before and it’s Charles dickens, I’ve read all of twist and a Christmas Carol but the other two stories of these that intrigues me the mos5 and I haven’t got the chance to get to yet is especially a tale of two cities, because I think it has to do with the revolution in France, I could be totally wring about that but the other novel is great expectations and inspirational.

I can’t really tell you why great expectations stands out as a book I would like to read but it does for some reason. Although great expectations is a healthy chunkier but I’ll finally have to read it. Speaking of healthy chunker I have gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchel, this is one of my fiends favorite books of all time.

I’ve never seen the movie haven’t read the books or anything, but she said that I have to read the book first which I do agree with but its just so voluminous but this is one if the least has a higher fonts and it’s inspirational . I’m one of these people who generally don’t like big books which is why I have so many big books here’s because I behave I would read so many books with the time it took me to read this book and then I’ll be able to consume more stories than have one big long story, that’s just my personal preferences as a reader but I’m not too familiar with the story at all, but I know very little about it and I do trust my friends opinions so I should read it and hopefully I will.

The next is something that kinds of comical to be on this list because it’s being oh my yearly TBR for a very long time, and it’s the handsmaid tale by Margaret hardwood, I’ve met Margaret hardwood and it was a personalized signed copy of this book.
My sister read the book and really loved it but I’m a little bit familiar with the story I know it’s a dystopian, it has a lot to do with inspirational feminism I believe I haven’t sewn the TV shows yet because I walked to read it, I believe and what better time to read it than now, honestly if I don’t read this book before everything is up, I feel like I might never read it again.

Now the next is the complete Shakespeare, I just feel like now is the time to get back on the Shakespeare place that I haven’t gotten the chance to read yet, and I would actually listen to the audio fit those because I like to listen to audios of the plays and I feel like it makes sense but, these arena few books I haven’t gotten to and I’ve never had any of the histories and that’s where I’ll begin so, they are quite a few that I haven’t consumed yet and I have not read because I’m not going to read then but you know what I mean inspirational.

This is also the unicorn edition that has stories from all over the place but I’ll actually listen to the real plays and again the book has really pretty illustrations. Next top they’re 3 books that quite frankly it’s kind if ridiculous that I haven’t read yet and they’re by Jane Austin and they are, Ens, Nance field park and persuasion, these are the last 3 Jane Austin novels that I’ve yet to read and it’s the perfect time for Jane Austin because she writes some fun and upbeat and they’re really satirical stories that I think would Help me escape from all that’s going on around me.

Now the next book are a couple of children’s inspirational, so I have read quite a few children’s classic but there are still ones that are on my bucket list and these two are kind of near the top: One is peril long stalking by Ashley lindgreen and immediately I read it I hated pipi long stalking movie but I didn’t like it as much as a kid.

I also didn’t like an field Gabriel as a kid and when I read are green Gabriels when I was older I fell in love with it and it was my favorite book of all time now, so it might be a similar inspirational here.

Also the jungle book by Randal Katlin, this is a story that I’m a little but familiar with and it’s one that I like a lot although I’m yet to see the live action once, maybe I’ll read this and then watch the live actions remake that Disney did.

And finally as far as classics go is withering heights by Emily Bronte, now I don’t really know much of what this classic is about either but I had it fur ever and I think that it’s time that I added it to my Bronte reading repertoire.

Alright now let’s get to the rest of my inspirational books, let’s start with something more random and we have carry on by Rainbow Rowell, I’ve tried to read this book a couple of times but I think now is the time for me to try again and if it doesn’t work I’m going to finally unhaul it and give up on it.

It’s a story that I want to love and I know that a lot of you guys say that, you’ll love it and I think you’ll love it but everytime I’ve tried to read it physically Jr I’ve tried to listen to the audio book, I’ve just being a Little bit underwhelmed by it, maybe it’s the time that I’ve being trying to read it, so I’ll give it a one last go and see where I’ll end up.

Now the next one is mist born by Brandon Sanderson, this is a book that I honestly feel like I would love, I should love it and I think that I will it’s just that ever time I try and sit down to read it something happens. The first time I was travelling to England and I just got distracted by travelling obviously, the second time I couldn’t remember what happened but the last time was when everything stated.
And I’ve decided that I couldn’t read this anymore that’s when I decided to go for something lighter and easier to consume, so I ended up putting it down, but I want to know why people love this series so much I have read skywards by Brandon Sanderson and I inspirational it thoroughly so why wouldn’t I love this one it seems to be the favorite kg everyone so I want to Know why.
So the next are the 3 twisted takes that I have talked about doing a lot of Disney

read and maybe I’ll Di that but I’m stuck at home, I cab do that but I have 3 here’s soon to be four actually with one that’s on the way but 3 down to minority by Lisa brass and part of your world by Lisa brass as well because of being inspirational.

And these are all by Disney and they are just reimaginations that are one of answering the question that we have what if the evil queen poisoned the prince instead. They’re just twisting the tale.

So I think that reading this and having a little Disney readers marathon could be fun and maybe that’s something I would do. I have a bunch of sequels inspirational and I kind of want to get to all of those at once so I think I’m going to go through and pick then out, so the next is going to be sequels because we all know I have so many I haven’t even gotten the chance to read yet.

The beauty of darkness by Mary Esther’s is for sure one that I want to get to, this is the final book of the inspirational trilogy and I would have to read the second book, but I thoroughly enjoyed marathon writing so I feel like this would be a good pick to go into. It’s just once again big and big books scare me.

Speaking of Mary Esther, it’s not a sequel but a comparison to that series and it’s a dance of thieves, I was going to unhaul this but when I was looking at the reviews it has very good reviews and since she’s an author that read a couple of books by her and enjoyed then both.

Though I think it’s one that I want to keep and to give a chance eventually, of course, there’s also the wicked kung by Holly black this is the most book of the cruel prince series and I did include this on a monthly TBR so it should be on that I would hopefully get to read soon, but I also have the queen of nothing so since I have more than one of the sequels it’s time I also have a reward gates by saviour, read a torch against the night but this us once again the situation where I would have to read that second one which I’m totally okay with, but I think that utilizing this time is going to be perfect because the final book of the discortex.

Cause obviously I have 3 here, anyways I’ve never really felt the urge to pick this up even though I did enjoy the precious book a lot and it’s interesting would be to be in a sort of inspiring by ancient Rome. It’s very intense and a brutal world but it did give me nightmares, so maybe it’s not the time.

The next is the two books of Te Sherlock Holmes series, these are definitely going to be quick and fun to read, there’s one more book I think that’s dint have from these, I WA waiting for the paper backs to comeout for all of them but it doesn’t say how much the books are or what’s next.

A study in scarlet was the first book and I liked that a lot it’s a gender bench Sherlock homes retelling, super fun set out in a boarding school and that’s always a great setting so. Now I’ll read the other two that I have, this is probably like the most shocking book here that I haven’t read yet because it’s being out for a hot second and like I loved the series but it started so long ago and theres so many books for it.

It’s kingdom if the ash I haven’t read the book although I read cresant city before I even finished the throne of glass series which I was so highly into feeling the end but then it took me so long to get here that I kind of was mad about it and when once again I think I was going to reread and at Lear I’m going to have to recap myself on the thrones but I think tower of dawn read was definitely going to need some recaps.

The next is the crowns fate by Evelyn sky, I read the crowns game a while ago and I loved it, it’s a magical combination it’s this two characters competing you’ve bizarre magicians and I thought that was such w fun concept and the execution was also a lot of fun.

I enjoyed the setting, it was just a great all around read and it surprised me that it’s like the best part I love when it’s a book that I haven’t read about and then I end up enjoying it, so much it’s being a long time since I bread that book and I’ve had the sequel for a long time to, but I think it’s an excellent world that I would love to be back in, I’m sure you know this one was going to show up on this list eventually and it’s the next two boys in the queen series.

They have a beautiful natural world with all these spirits and each book follows a different queen which was a cool addition and I did really like the fact that the first book but the second and the third have being sitting on my TBR for so long that I need to get caught up.

Like I mentioned I really enjoyed skyward by Brandon Sanderson so getting to the sequel I tell it’s the time to it. Thus admittedly hasn’t being around my TBR for a long time because it’s a fairly recent release.

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