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There are a lot of misconceptions about love and that’s why I’m writing this article, a lot of times people would think about love in terms of a particular emotion that you feel or if you’re let’s say in a relationship with somebody, familiar relationship or romantic otherwise, so you can say that you love that person, so we often think of love in relation to that way and it’s not that these two things don’t gave any relationship on love because everything shares a relationship to love at its base level but neither of these two things are love.

So a lot of times people would think, me having love is dependent on my emotions or depending upon the emotions that I feel, when I’m around somebody else and it leads people to believe that there is no love in their life because they don’t have whatever relationship that they feel like they need to have to think feelings or to other people to get that love in sense.

But what love is, actually more of a thing in itself, so the way I kind of think of it is that love is a sort of a “substance” now I’m using the word substance in quote here because its not really a substance but if you can imagine this, it would kind of give you the idea of what it is that’s in terms of what I’ve experienced.

When I had my experience in my ego transcendence many years ago, what I noticed was that love sad truly what everything was made out of, there wasn’t anything that was desperate from love, so it was almost as though I was tapping into the aspects of realty that I just haven’t being conscious of more, but it has always being there and it came from a mind source.
I was really like clear that the love was also God, and it has always being the thing that the world God has being referring to, even though at that time, I only thought about God in relation to ideas of Theresa God higher than the clouds that does amazing things.
When u was in that experience it was really clear that love was like this base element to all if reality and it was the connection stand between all of reality, so if you can imagine and again this is not true, but I’m saying this so that you’ll get the feel if what it means, so imagine that you have atoms and you have strings and courts and all of that stuff.

imagine that down below all of that, the smallest elements that everything is made up of war divine love and that Every single thing at its base level was ultimately that substance and that the substance has taken so many different forms that it looks like we’re dealing with all kinds of differences but really at its core what the base of the world is love.

And so because of that point in time, I was resonating at the vibrations of pure unconditional love I was able to sort of tap into that reality and that has always being there and it always was and I knew that it always would be, but there was something that insulated me, From that experience and it was that I was not the only capable of resonating at the level of perfect divine love.

But once I recounted at that level, it was like I clicked into place within that matrix of love and it was like this always being what love is just what it is, and so prior to that I know it spent like I had to achieve this or that or the other thing to be deserving of love and I never thought about it in those terns but it practically that was what I was doing and I always felt like love was something that had to be earned and my lobe was given very conditionally.

Like there was people that I loved and then there were people I loved a little bit less and there were people I don’t love at all. And of course, I didn’t think of reality itself as something that was deserving of love because that’s an animated object, within the trees and all kinds of stuffs. So because I was abk3 to sort of almost two into what was basic about my nature, what I was most made of that divine perfect love, I was able to them experience that as a reality and I felt that a sense of oneness and connection with all things and I was cemented in love with all of those things.

Now as I said before, people most often relates love to the idea that being a particular feeling state or a particular emotions that sort of shared between two people bit again this is not the right way to think bout love because that is just one manifestation of what happens within this matrix of love and so the reason why I think it associated With that is because these are really the areas off life where people are most likely to experience love because I think it can be quite rare for someone to have am experience ever Hey had let go to the point of that they could resonate the vibrations of perfect divine love and so,

What happens is that we just get little of it here and there because ultimately our ability to be at that level sure if distribute and it comes thrift many different lens, but it doesn’t mean that non of it gets through and because it’s so because it so basic and elemental to the world and so I think that when we have a particular relationship with someone and we can feel like we can let go, and feel like we can be ourselves and that we’re saying by them, I think we end up being a little bit more open and we end up actually being closer to that experience of the divine love and we experience that in association with that pw4own and also when we are expecting that particular emotions among them and this is how we know that we’re experiencing it, so because of this experience and because of the fact that really ultimately the love was probably the most profound on factor of having experienced ego transcendence.

I feel completely whole in that love because in a sense I was like with that major there was no way I could ever be actually from that there was no taking me out of that because it was so base to my nature that even in death and even if everything changed that would be the one that remained unchanged and if would always be love.

So it was never a sense of being conditional, in a Sense and a lot of people might bulk at this nation and might get a little but nervous. It’s like well you know it’s perfect divine love then why are there so many terrible things that happen and why are there murders and wars.

I would respond to that in a sense they love don’t really work in a level of humane love and so whenever a human being is being loving and is experiencing those feeling of love certain altruistic kinds of Behaviours stars to come up where we become compassionate and we want to make sure that the best thing happens for the people and for the animals and for all aspects of humanity that were trying to be compassionate about.

So perfect divine love doesn’t really work that way, that’s really a more human expression of love whereas the perfect divine love is just accepting everything as it is, exactly because it doesn’t lobe anything less terrible, things than good things or neutral things, it didn’t have a branch if nature that very lateral.

In fact, if I was to describe my expressions of that divine love, it was a very equalizing factor, so it was like I had that experience and all of a sudden everything have become very equal in the sense that it was an equilibrium within that matrix of love.

So within that matrix, I was no more or less loveable than a blade of grass and I had the perfect unconditional love for myself and that blade of grass infinitely AMD so I felt as though there was like a hierarchy of love.

It was very much different than that, because there was things less it was very much different than that because there was this sense of equilibrium that was reached there and so in that state if I was to be watching some terrible act of violence going on the Humane level, I would be absolutely appalled and I would he having feelings of disgust which would be playing out a whole stress, I would be able to sti but then, in that aspect of my state, that was resonating at divine love, it as just as much of a valid aspect of reality as anything else beside everything was perfect in that state, everything we haven and so theres a really sort of difficult paradox that sort of reconcile the if you even get into that state and then come out of it, it doesn’t feel like how I was being accepting of all those things while also not liking them at the same time, you know from the Humane level and so ultimately you’ll have to see that your human emotions are also an aspect of that perfect divine love and it always doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.

It as a really liberating experience to go through because I’ve always had the sense that j wasn’t really enough and that I had to be a certain somebody or do certain things to be worthy of love. But in that state I loved myself perfectly, I love myself infinitely and so there was no distinction between myself and other things and again it was equalizing in so far as something that infinite could be and so the idea that it’s equal is not really the right word because equal comes with a lot of association beside the same amount, bit it didn’t have to do with amount because anything that is infinite doesn’t have an amount, it’s just and so you know it’s kings of in a sense like there is no real, big and small because you have to define big and small in relation to something but then this wasn’t relational, this thing was just and so it want more loving or aspect of love’s nature of more or less. It wasn’t an aspect of Love’s nature of you’re or less, it wasn’t an aspect of realities nature, it just was and it was intact all the ways.

And as I said before, in that matrix of perfect divine love there was our distinctions, there was no more or less, it was perfectly lateral, so I loved myself as much as I loved the daisy on the ground.

Now what I have sacrificial, I also had the human understanding that it was not really the way that things work, you know and I did have the relative understanding that yes human and animals life relative understanding and ultimately if would be really sad if a person were to Perish, I had all of this stuff and I still had all of these in my mind in an almost selective companions but the love was a different thing it was not Comparison it was not relationship it was not feeling it just was, and I was resonating with what I was at my core base nature which is love.

So I want to talk about love in relation to fear in a bit because fear is really the opposite force to love, a lot of times you might have heard people say that love and fear are opposites and you know for me that was strange here because I couldn’t comprehend why love and fear would he opposite.
obviously love and hate would be opposite, but at this base level its actually love and fear that are opposites because fear creates resistance, and the resistance is what keeps you from being able to resonate the level that you’re able to integrate with divine love, so again because of this experience I came to relate the experience of ego transcendence or enlightenment to the ability to resonate at the level of perfect divine love but when it comes to fear when I was in that state I was completely afraid, but I’m but really sure which one came first, I don’t know it I was able to resonate the level of perfect love because I had no fear or because I had no far because I was resonating at the level of perfect divine love.

Now I tried to believe that it was the future where essentially I let go of fear and then you do know that their is a relationship into my experience naturally, but I do know there’s a relationship between the two.

So the presence of fear was because when I was in the presence of ego, essentially the thing that was keeping me identical with that ego was fear of letting go of it, fear of undermining that identity and do in a sense, I had to be sort of edit things out of my reading and I had to be conditionally loved and to keep that identity going cause I had to like certain things more than I like other things, I had to see certain things whole arbitrary of values where these are the ones that I want to abide by and have as part of my identity and all the rest I’m going to ignore that one for myself.

So it was that process of trying to ignore aspects of myself and aspects of which realty that created that distortion I’m that so where I could resonate with the level of perfect divine love, buy one I let go of ego or maybe ego came as a response to resonating the perfect love.

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