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THE MAIN HEALTHY WAYS TO BE ALONE   THE MAIN HEALTHY WAYS TO BE ALONE It is very important that people know how to spend their time alone in a healthy way. According to the words of the buddy, he who sits alone,  sleeps alone, and walk alone. Who is strenuous and subdues himself alone, will find delight in the solitude of the forest. Some people avoid solitude like plague,  others love been alone and thrive best in solitude, when they’re far away from the endless chatter of their fellow human beings. Unfortunately in the individualistic western society, loneliness is one of the most common reason for misery like mental illness and addiction, So I think it’s very important for people to know how to spend their time alone in a healthy way and not seeing it as a punishment but rather as an opportunity  to grow as a person. That’s why I’m writing this article, to present you the main healthy ways to be alone. Being alone comes in many forms, we have extreme cases like hermit that spend most of their lives without socializing and we have those more moderate solitude seekers. That spend time by themselves for special reasons like meditation, reflection or achieving certain goals. On the other hand, there are cases where loneliness becomes a vessel for mental and physical problems and even death.  The term “Lone Wolf” has quite a negative charge on the society because this is use to describe people who’s solitude was a breeding ground for hate as like to violence. So regardless of the fact that time determines the outcome, the ways I present in this article are practical as well as philosophical and I hope you’ll find some value in them. So the first healthy way to be alone is to be your own best host: this is a practical one,  when you spend time alone, imagine that you’re a guest in your own house, how would you treat a guest in your house? How would you talk to a guest,  when we are mean to our guest they would probably not like being around us,  thus when we are mean to ourselves its not surprising that we don’t like been around ourselves either. You May Also Like: Just like the French man jean-paulsartesaid “ if you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company” Now we can apply this self hospitality in many ways, the way we talk to ourselves, and also if we cook ourselves a nice meal with the Same love as we would do for others. And if we don’t allow ourselves anything better than a nasty microwave dinner.  Also the preparation of giving ourselves a good time in solitude means taking care of our ego extensions, a German psychiatrist once said “we become entangled with our direct environment that it becomes part of ourselves” thus taking care of ourselves means taking care of our environment. Spending time alone in a tidy house has a much better impact on our mood than spending time alone in a mess,  moreover the act of cleaning has a meditative effect on the mind,  so preparing ourselves for some “me time”tidying the house is a great way to star

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