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An Allegory: of the Lions, Deers et Goats, and Hen et Kites

If motivation is to have any merit, it should likely attempt to be honest as possible, we have evolved through the ranks if our ancestors, outsmarting the predators of the world,  developing systems of materials and nutrition changes, creating health practices and building incomprehensible advanced technologies to facilitate longevity safety and efficiency.

  • We’ve reached the top of this world and yet great many of us see nothing from it, as our awareness has progressed alongside everything else,  we’ve found ourselves outgrowing and comfortable short sighted narratives of life and moving into a realm where there appears to be no clear narratives or reasons at all,  but rather an absurdity and meaniless underpinning everything this I’d perhaps one of it not the greatest contemporary issues in human kind,  finding motivation in a sense of meaning in a period if time in which existence has reverted to be or at least revealed to a time to be,  arguably the motivation to live and live meanifully cannot be found on the idea that life is a universally mean if u let it ultimately resolvable thing, if one finds that at its core it isn’t motivation rather beneath the traditional ideas of happiness, success and grandeur and address the very real bleat nature of our reality, there’s infact, no one single sign that fits all the prescriptions or instructions manual to life,  that’s likely no ultimate circumstances or ideas or thing, that would make life uncertainty pain and chaos go away, realizing and accepting this us like the first step and then cab we consider what might actually be real and enduring. Its noble breath taking of champions, America author kick Kim writes about the imaginary conversation between two yeast cells, he writes “they are discussing the possible purpose of life as they each ate sugar and suffocated in their own excrement, because of their limited intelligence, they never come close to guessing they were making champagne, in this little allegory it alludes to the idea that limited intelligence like our own comes with unlimited ability to see the larger picture of what we’re truly a part of , in this metaphor, the yeast is cells are making champagne, something relatively insignificant but rather nice none the less, which is perhaps a pleasant thought, however by the same token it could just as easily be something not so nice, the point is We’re all in essence passenger to the step and we don’t know what we’re working towards or why, whether it’s even any good for us or about us,  we could all he aggressively and competitively working towards something first than this or indifferent to us.
  • Perhaps not, only real honest conclusion that we don’t know at first this idea of not knowing what were all doing might make things fell absurd and meaniless and that’s fair

However the following steps is what the past realize is the path makes us to no longer be subservient to some specific grand meaning or template of life  that we don’t have to, nor should we expect to discover or join in on. Someone else’s ultimate answer or Way of living or attend to some future ideas or after life,  but rather live based on what we cab do or know right now.

To attempt to follow our own volunteers and meanings and believe in the only thing we have any evidence to believe in at all,  our self and it’s relationship with every little sister if tune and space some of the greatest mind in history have believed and empirically found that layers and process of the self that if circumstances are sufficient, and our effects us to reckon towards it through the true or higher self as self realization and personal purpose and meaning, this idea was proposed by popular psychologist Abraham Maslow and his pyramids of needs which is in fact a pyramid diagram that illustrates the order and balance of human needs,  starting at material and physiological needs like food,  water and safety and Movinginto ecological needs like love,  and esteem and finally into what Marlow points as self actualization which is living in accordance to one’s true self and their full potential.

Somewhat similarly this is also eluded to by renowned psychologist Carl Jung, whose concept of individual situation would suggest that there’s a rank if outer layer surrounding our true self.

Consisting of our outward artificial social personas our unconscious hidden layer being what young refers to as shadows,  animus/ anime and our care true self buried underneath it all,  which when one guess to the lovers of uncovering and realizing it to conscious expressions, a sense of completion harmony and vitality, is experienced. This concept along others unmentioned is that we each have a sort if cute self and source if meaning that interest, things that were actually want and do with our lives, the things we’re motivated by therefore, must not merely be to impress others, or achieve anything if core to any societal ideals, for everyone has their own unique complicated sources of motivation.

At least the distinctive outcome outs a meaning and feelings and that feeling is worth feeling at all.. They’re certain shared common ideas and methods of life worth considering and one most attempts to take the input of information and consider critically how it might reflect on themselves before, consuming it the mass of disillusioned individuals better at circumstances that can commit then to perhaps be otherwise are likely not so,  not because life is meaningless but because they willingly let themselves be pulled from their own

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