An Allegory: of the Lions, Deers et Goats, and Hen et Kites


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By Henry Emeka Muofunanya

  1. An Allegory: of the Lions, Deers et Goats, and Hen et Kites

Expository evaluation on the physical characteristics of the above Animal, Perhaps, representing the world prominent classes of being (family).

THE LIONS (the bahdos, thugs, perversed, the prodigals, bad gangs and street boiz).

1.The are strong and readily blessed with strenghth

  1. They are brave, hard, self sufficient. They learnt fierceness from birth, their countenance suggest war, battle, quarrel, theft and bully always, thus they intimidate and bully others in the jungle (world) even themselves.
  2. Their deaths are always strange and brutal (accidents, prison, firing squad, deadly diseases, Gun shots), what’s more because they think they own the Jungle (world)….. They missed the way.

THE DEERS ET GOATS (Hails from poor families, the offsprings of the paupers)

  1. They learnt meekness, humility, economical and financial management from birth, arising from their hand-to-mouth feeding(as seen in the picture below),
    2.They are often harassed by the lions but their togetherness keep them always (brotherly love).
  2. From day one, they learnt self struggle, how to carter for themselves and their offsprings.
  3. The struggles of life have made most of them (the deers in particular) lacked the knowledge of staying at home and being domesticated in the hunters Plain (God’s care), thus they chose to live in the forests and mostly end up in the lion’s den( hell) instead of the hunters pot (heaven)

THE HENS ET KITES (seeds from Rich families).

1.Nothing disturbs them, they take everything as they are…. Nothing serious. Moreover, everything has been provided for.
2 . So wise that they stay near the hunter always, thus eating left overs and other chunks, minus the prodigal ones of them (kites and other birds)

  1. Most of them lack sense of protection until they give birth, sequel to this, they loose their chicks to those prodigal ones of them -the kites ( their counterparts, the G boiz, and some politicians)
  2. Mostly they end up in hunters pot since they know nothing of life(hardship, theft and other malpractices) for they are everly sufficient.
  3. Generally they are characterised with laziness and no sense of belonging…… …MORALS……
  • Be Wise As The Hens -stay near your creator always, unlike the hardship-driven deers etc..The kites please return to your creator.
  • Be Brave As The Lions -Withstand and fight all hardship. Be the best of ur self.
  • Have Brotherly Love And Live Together As In The Deers -plan for your future unlike the Hens that are always on the thought that everything will be provided for them.

Remember as the Deers, they have no one to provide for them as in lions (their Strength) and Hens (their protective houses) but the kept on, keep on u will make it..
No free lunch..



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