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Our gods reside amongst us

They eat what we offer

And their food we share that we become like the thunder

gods we are like our gods

Living in our shrines made of mud

Our skins coated with coals natural without flaws

In our minds thoughts of us

’Cause we live for another wall to walls


So when they see us

They feel the lost

Our eyes – skin – minds – and hearts

The emotions – courage – and respect for life

Our values – customs – and all the laws

Binding this nation they felt the thrust

What they wanted they see in us


Our daughters pure as fire

And our sons the arrows’ quiver

Our mothers the moon of the night

 Telling stories looking to the moon light

And our fathers the legends of these stories

So when they see us

They wished for what they never had

And when it cannot be

They saw to drifting us apart

They brought us goodies and thwarted what we were made for

What fool we are they sit in corners enjoying the fall


Their minds we cannot understand as ours

They longed our destructions the more

Driving us far from our fathers land ashore

Chained in clamour

Our songs changed and they never heard

Dinning above while a ship sinks below


Now when they see us

Fear! They fear telling our stories

For gods we are filled with guts

When they think of us

Our stories will tell in hearts sinking that

When they see us in awe they say – Africa!  




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