6 Toil Of Dating A Broke Girl


6 Toil Of Dating A Broke Girl



Dating a broke person is just hard, be it a girl or guy. 

A broke woman in particular can be a lot of work. If she can’t afford it, she’ll find someone who can afford it for her, and being with someone like that can be frustrating. Basically you’re the ‘bread winner’ and your expenses will definitely go up catering for her demands.

Here are 7 struggles of dating a broke girl: 

1. Broke girls remain focused on keeping their hair and nails done.

They are usually concerned a lot about their looks. They can decide to seriously slay, and you wonder for who? Or what?


2. They are always looking for a sponsor in the club.

She lives for free (expensive) alcohol.


3. They love to tell people how to spend their money.

They don’t have money, but seem to be professionals on how to spend money. Maybe if they took their own advice, they wouldn’t be broke.


4. Broke girls love posting their ‘glamorous’ life on social media. 

They are always posting something on their Instagram or snap chat. When they are on a date, they can forget you (her boyfriend) is there as she takes pictures of the food.


5. They hardly call you; instead, they flash.

When they do call, they immediately run out of airtime.


6. Broke girls give the worst gifts.

It’s usually a cheap gift that lacks effort, like socks. However, on their birthdays, they’ll expect the whole world.




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