4 Benefits Main Chicks Don’t Know They Get From Side Chicks


4 Benefits Main Chicks Don’t Know They Get From Side Chicks



In some ways side chicks make a relationship stronger.

Many psychologists believe that cheating can in some aspects, save a relationship, basically the side chick is actually doing you a favor.

Here are 4 benefits main chicks don’t know they get from side chicks:

1. His side chick can help him become a better lover in the sheets for you.

Practice makes perfect. If his side chick has new and better bed game, he’s likely to bring what he learnt to the main chick. And better sex has never been a bad thing.


2. Many main chicks are more attracted to their man, knowing someone else finds him attractive.

This can help boost the relationship. On some occasions people have rediscovered their lust for their partner after being turned on by the notion that somebody else finds their partner attractive.


3. The side chick is helping the main chick satisfy her man’s sexual and emotional need.

Sometimes, someone doesn’t always have the energy to sexually and emotionally support their man. This is where a side chick comes in to help out while the main chick relaxes.


4. A guy being with a side chick can help the main chick identify areas that need attention in the relationship.

Cheating is one of the major indications that something is inherently wrong within the relationship. Often times there is something missing from the relationship.

The discovery of the betrayal always leads the couple to assess the state of the relationship. When they begin talking and thinking about their problems they have together and how they should overcome them, a couple can emerge from adultery stronger from the experience.




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